Garden fountains with your own hands

garden fountain with his own hands

Garden fountains is a great solution for those who love unusual and at the same time, practical options for the interior.

The garden fountain will beautify your living space and will be a perfect place to stay in the country, where you can gather with the whole family.

Caring for a fountain

In suburban area you can place a stationary outdoor fountains. They must meet all requirements and be suitable for staying outdoors throughout the year.

In winter, these fountains do not require special care, they just need to unplug.

Preferably the removable parts of the fountain in the winter time to move to a warm room. The fountain itself must be protected from winter frost and moisture dense waterproof fabric.

Selection of garden fountain

It is very important that the fountain harmoniously fit into the space of the garden itself and does not look like a foreign element. Very nice on the territory of the big gardens and small fountains that are made of stone.


If the garden area is large, the fountains can be decorated with several sculptures. Very nice composition of several fountains of the same size. It is important to choose the fountain garden depending on the garden.

Would be ridiculous to look small fountain surrounded by a large garden, and huge fountains on the contrary will take a lot of space, and disturb the rest in a small garden.

How to choose pump

Good job garden fountain depends on which houses the pump. This kind of «heart» of your fountain. The choice of pump depends on the model of garden fountain and water volume moved by it.

The scope of the pump must be accompanied by special filter. If not, then it is worth it to buy extra. The filter and pump experts advise not to save, as from these components depends on the life of the fountain.

Not to pay for the extra electricity you should choose a pump that is ideal for

Garden fountains with your own hands

this model.

It is best to choose pumps with the help of which you can adjust the volume of consumed water and electricity. Start the garden fountain is quite simple — you only need to connect the pump to the network.

The garden fountain is an unusual element of the landscape which will beautify the area, will make the air moist and will help to cool you off in hot weather.

Garden fountains do not require complex care and simple to operate.

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