Garden flowers perennials in the country

flowers perennials

Garden perennials for the cottage extra large sizes to command respect and very beautiful.

The power of these colors to admire these plants in one season attains the size of that garden in the country varies.

Hedges, green fountain of blooming perennials, a back garden plan and a number of landscape tasks that will accomplish these giants.

Garden flowers perennials

Alpine knotweed is a perennial flower will grow you a strong hive to a height of 1.5 m, a beautiful, small flowers in mid-summer have a strong honey aroma.

This plant is developing well in the fertile soil and a fairly Sunny position.

Highlander polymorphic grows to the same height, but it seems more massive due to the large leaves. Tolerates partial shade.

The knotweed grows much higher than the previous, up to 2.5 meters, and requires virtually no special care.

Perennials are the heart-shaped Macleya and macleya melkoplodnogo able to quickly create a living fence to a height of 2m and more, but for this they need a well-lit area and fertile soil.

Another perennial in the country – Spartina Cirrus. The plant develops a powerful clump of linear, rigid leaves with a height from 1,5 up to 1. 7 m, with stems up to 2 meters.

Instantly gaining the square on the wet soft soil, the nutritional value of the soil almost undemanding, prefers as well as most perennials Sunny sites. Normally grown cultivar ‘Aureomarginata‘, which is extremely delicate is no different.

Flowers perennials the meadowsweet is not particularly aggressive. A two-meter tall mainly grow only Kamchatka and vyazolistny.

They are able to quickly build a large hive with a diameter of about 1.5 meters on a relatively fertile and well-moistened soil.

Bloom continuously from June to August large and fluffy inflorescences of pink and white flowers, there are also double forms.

Volzhanka nettle early enough, and powerfully grows, the height of a well-developed perennial

perennials in the country

reaches 2meters in June – July during the flowering period.

Favourable rich soil, likes shade, but the Mature plant, endures the lack of moisture and nutrition.

This flower is a perennial, year after year slowly increases its volume. They can be well used as a screen by planting several plants.

Although the harmonious form of this perennial allows to act also as an accent in a large extended mixborders.

The continuation can be read in article «the perennial garden», which tells about short the colors of spring, summer and autumn flowering.

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