Garden flowers bloom all summer

flowers bloom all summer - ageratum

Garden plots are not conceivable without the bright flower beds adorn the grounds.

To this magnificence continued from spring until frost, the owners of the land have when planting flower beds to take into account flowering periods of each of the planted plants.

But you can go simpler by choosing flowers that bloom all summer.

One and biennials

Even flower beds sometimes you want to diversify, so many growers are sown flowers almost every year, selecting the new types. Among such annual and biennial crops also are individuals able to bloom throughout the summer.

  • Ageratum good as in the flower beds and flower pots. Up to the first frosts can please the eye with their brightness of color. No wonder the plant was called «forever young» (in Greek).
  • Marigolds are represented in a variety of species differ in color, flower shape, height of the bushes. Very low maintenance and possess good antibacterial properties, so they can be planted in vegetable beds, protecting the crop against pests.
  • Though it seems plain Calendula (in common – Cloves), but the little orange «suns» are medicinal herbs that you should always have on hand. And the brightness of the color will add warmth flower garden.
  • Colorful Petunias will really decorate the ridges and fill the air with intoxicating aroma. Well, they look as in cascading flower beds and hanging pots. These flowers are also quite resistant to drought.
  • Bright colored Zinnias and Begonias look good not only in the ridges – they make a beautiful gift bouquets. So you have a chance throughout the summer to make everybody happy with this charm.

Fabulously delicate pansies, fragrant-fragrant snapdragons, full slender 2 m Mallow – all it is a real decoration of garden plots, which periodically must be refreshed.


Also repeatedly landed on their flower beds flowers in a few years to enjoy their beauty. Especially because most perennials bloom throughout the growing season.

  • Of course, the real decoration of the landscape will be the rose of the remontant. Among the countless varieties and species can be selected and cluster options, and trailing.
  • Stately Phlox for its bright blossoms are immediately striking, bewitching grace. Low maintenance and well adapted to shaded areas.
  • Vasilissis looks like a Bush covered with small delicate roses. Not afraid of no drought, no frost and quietly tolerate shading.
  • And the Clematis is just full of the color of their «record players». Choosing a variety of color shades on the site can create an amazing tale.

Geranium, carnation perennial, daylilies are flowers that bloom all summer.

flowers bloom all summer daylilies

Picking up a large number of colors, and landed culture in a kind of ornament, flower beds weaving» real bright carpet of beautiful flowers, balmy to the cold weather, attracting bees, butterflies and the human eye.

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