Garden country-style on the Russian open spaces

garden in country style

In English the country is a village.

So, the garden in country style is just a kind of rural design.

So, there should be a garden for vegetables, «fresh from our farm to table», and fruit trees, typical of our latitudes, and the lilacs and Jasmine along the fence.

Behind this garden is very easy to care for, because it’s like he’s created directly by nature.

The line of the tracks should be fairly smooth, and end in thickets of Jasmine or lilacs.

You can erect a swing or hard wooden bench, lightly covered with varnish or dark brown paint under an old tree.

This bench can be put in front of the house. Flower beds in the garden in country style should be oval, round or drop-shaped.

Their content may of the most unpretentious and perennial flowers: astilbe, peonies, surrounded by daffodils, daisies, or dahlias.

You can enclose flower beds and Seating a conventional fence, which may be of different sizes and different weaving.

Small wooden figurines and vases made of oak or larch, filled with soil there planted with low-growing flowers and plants with silvery leaves complement the rural landscape.

As inclusions, you should use Phlox in different shades, gaillardia, chrysanthemums and mallow.

On small lawns and orchard trees will look good bells, forget-me-nots, St. John’s wort and even wormwood. Grass is dilute the flavor.

For business use it is possible to use on such small spaces useful medicinal herbs – mint, lemon, thyme, onions stacked, tarragon.

And of course in the garden in country style, it is simply impossible to do without

garden in country style

a small pond, the size of which should match the size of your garden.

Its form can be any – it will be the fruit only of your imagination. To make the pond preferably with reeds, Susak, loosestrife, cattail, or sedge.

In the middle of the garden, you should put a figure of a toad or waterfowl. And the reeds will look beautiful figurine of Heron or a snag with a fancy silhouette.

The path leading to the pond need to sand down and on either side lay the river stones.

Along the track you should put a low sample flowers Turkish carnation, Lupin, leucanthemum.

The garden should be planted based on the General plan of the site. It doesn’t have to be compact fit.

The trees can grow arbitrarily, and between them will feel good currant bushes and gooseberry.

But to have a garden in the style of the country had every year to dig and weed, disturbing the General harmony, around the trunks is better to put Zelenchuk, lungwort or Lily of the valley.

They won’t let the weeds germinate and will beautify your garden. And make a small garden near the house, so you don’t have to run far for vegetables.

And choose a decoration in my barn: old wagon wheel, useless wooden wheelbarrow or bucket without a bottom can become an original decoration of the garden, combined with simple colors.

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