Garden begonia (tuberous) – planting and care

garden begonia (tuberous)

Begonia garden or tuberous is one of the most popular among growers of ornamental and flowering plants.

These flowers with the same success can be grown in protected and open ground.

Generally it is a versatile plant, depending on the varieties of begonias are great to decorate the flower beds at the cottage, winter gardens, walls in hanging pots and as a groundcover.

Garden begonia (tuberous) – planting and care

For planting begonias used by the young tubers with a diameter of 5-6 cm, They can be a bit shriveled, but still suitable for planting.

To plant begonias in open ground in the country is possible with the onset of warm days when the threat of frost passes. Prior to planting, the tubers of begonias garden you have to prepare.

If you purchased a tuberous begonia in the fall, then the spring the tubers it is necessary to create favorable conditions for storage. The fact that if not properly stored tubers of begonias dry out, and will never germinate.

Right in winter begonia kept in slightly moist sand at low temperature in the cellar or in the refrigerator.

In the spring in late March-early April begonia garden recovered from the sand and conduct the inspection. By the way, in winter, the tubers also need to check and moisten the sand. If you notice mold, soak the tuberous begonia 15-20 minutes in 1% hydrogen peroxide solution.

The begonia tubers should be firm and dry, some are able to hatch sprouts. Clean them from the sand and remove the old dried roots. After this begonia can be planted in separate cups, preferably peat.

Garden begonia (tuberous)

Garden begonia prefer partial shade, although it can grow in the shade and in the sun. The perfect soil for growing these flowers, slightly acidic, rich in organic matter and moisture.

Landing produce at a distance of 15-20cm from each other. Layer of soil over the tops must not be thicker than 2 cm.

Care of tuberous begonia is timely watering, loosening the soil and fertilizing fertilizers. As water-loving plants, it is impossible to prevent drying of the soil.

Hoeing should be done very carefully so as not to damage the roots they are located close to the surface.

An alternative to cultivation is to mulch the surface with peat. Feeding is carried out 3-4 times during the holiday season universal fertilizer for flowers.

With the onset of autumn, stop watering, pinch out new buds to begonias

garden begonia (tuberous)

preparing for the winter. In late September, early October, the tubers should be dug and cut off the stems, leaving stumps 3cm.

Begonia tubers are dried for 10 days then removed for storage.

For propagation of begonias garden, it is best to use the sprouts, which grow on tubers. The major is divided into several parts so that each Zelenka had 1-2 buds.

Video — Planting tuberous begonias



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