Fusarium wilt of strawberry

Fusarium wilt of strawberry

Strawberry or garden strawberry is a very capricious plant, exposed to many diseases and require careful maintenance.

Particularly vulnerable are new (withdrawn recently) varieties of strawberries.

If you create unsuitable conditions in the garden, it is possible is tasty and sweet berries to rotten fruits or to detect the lost plant.

The strawberry bushes are the most vulnerable to infectious diseases. Among them the first place belongs to fungal infections.

There are more than seventy different diseases of strawberry, which affects all parts of the plant – from roots to fruits.

One of the most dangerous diseases – Fusarium wilt that can destroy more than half of the plantings and berries.

Signs of Fusarium wilt

Fusarium wilt can occur at the stage of flowering of strawberry during ripening. Infection affects primarily the root system of the plant.

Toxic substances secreted during the development of diseases affecting the blood vessels of the roots and cause their gradual death.

The danger of Fusarium wilt of strawberry is in the fact that the pathogens remain in the soil and can be dangerous for future plantings.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper and cabbage – all cultures will be exposed to risk of disease Fusarium wilt.

The first sign of the disease, which can be noticed visually is the necrosis of leaf parts of the plant.

Point gradually starts wilting of leaves that covers the entire plant, then the Bush turns brown and dies.

At a time when the stalks of the strawberries begin to lose turgor, outlet bushes, «sit», that is, individual parts of the plant apart and pressed to the ground.

The whole period of the disease, from first symptoms to the complete death of the plant takes about six weeks.

Methods of protection against Fusarium wilt

In order to protect the plantation of strawberries from infectious diseases, must observe the rules of planting and care of this capricious culture.

And also to take some measures to protect the bushes.

  • — Follow the rules of farming when planting strawberry: soil preparation, fertilizing, hoeing, watering and so on.


  • — Not to grow strawberries on the same plot of soil for more than 4 years, move to another landing place.

Best of all, this culture will grow and bear fruit on the ground was previously occupied by onions, carrots, radishes, parsley, dill, beets, celery or salads.

  • — On a former garden plot strawberries should be planted no earlier than 6-7 years.


  • — Be sure to check the seedlings before planting. The plant roots dip into a solution of a biological product, for example, «Agat-25K» and «K HUMATE». The concentration of solutions 7 Fusarium wilt of strawberry

    g/l and 15 g/l of water respectively.


  • — If you find the affected bushes, be sure to dig them out by the roots and destroy to prevent the spread of infection.


  • — Choose disease resistant varieties of strawberry.


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