Fusarium – control measures

Fusarium – control measures

Plants in the garden affects many diseases.

But, before you start treatment, it is necessary to make a correct diagnosis based on the symptoms observed.

The only way to achieve a good result.

For example, this article will explain how to take the necessary actions when a disease called Fusarium, control measures.


This disease belongs to the category of fungal. Signs of defeat of plants by Fusarium are the following symptoms:

  • Leaves begin to turn yellow from the bottom.


  • Yellow is also adjacent to the root of the neck stem.


  • The soil itself is black.

If time is not taken any measures to control the entire plant begins to wither and eventually dies.

Pathogens of Fusarium are the fungi of the same name. They live usually in the upper layer of the soil.

Therefore, the defeat starts from the root system, wrapping with the juices throughout the plant. And only then begin to manifest the above symptoms.

Treatment Fusarium

If you set your plant diagnosis «FHB», control measures should be taken immediately. In the treatment can be use different drugs, given below:

  • Systemic fungicides: «Topaz», «Vectra», etc.


  • Chemical substances: Bordeaux liquid, liquid soap, copper oxychloride or copper, nitrate, phthalan, oksihom, iron sulfate.


  • Folk remedies: infusion of mullein, ash or marigolds, as well as a decoction of horsetail.

Any of selected drugs it is necessary to spray diseased plants. If necessary, you can do this several times.

Popular recipes

As the people’s means of combating Fusarium are more harmless to plants and gardener, let us dwell on some recipes.

  • Marigolds (sometimes also called chernobrivtsy) is harvested during flowering. In 10 liters of warm water you need half a bucket of dried marigolds. You need to insist 2 days.


  • The mullein. They need to fill the bucket a third of the volume. Bay 3 l of water, insist 2-3 days. Then filtered and poured a bucket of water up to the top.


  • Wood Ash. In a bucket of hot water will need 3 lbs. to Insist 2 days, the solution poured over tree trunks.


But you can avoid such diseases in plants as Fusarium. Control measures then are reduced to usual of preventive measures. What do you mean?

  • First and foremost, it is thorough compliance with farming requirements at all stages of plant development.


  • Second, use a special nutritional feeding to enhance immunity of the crops. So, for Fusarium – control measures

    reducing the risk of disease with Fusarium, it is recommended to bring the soil mineral elements such as zinc and bromine.

Micronutrient fertilizers will be especially effective if they are to make full nutrient kit. In addition to supplements to the roots of these minerals you can spray on plants.

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