Furniture made of artificial rattan in the country

rattan furniture in the country

How nice sitting in a comfortable chair among the fragrant flowers that grow in your garden, relax and drink a Cup of coffee.

Or to invite some friends over and have a picnic in the fresh air.

All this is quite possible with furniture made of artificial rattan. Practical and comfortable it will be a great addition to the design of your house.

Natural rattan is a palm that grows in Indonesia and has a very long and flexible stem. These unique qualities allow to use the plant for the production of original furniture.

Rattan furniture is becoming increasingly popular. It is practical, lightweight and blends perfectly with any interior. Rattan furniture will be a great addition as the patio and garden.

Natural materials always have defects and to eliminate them, in the manufacture of garden furniture began to use artificial rattan.

It’s a long plastic tapes or cords having different sizes and colors. If you decide to buy garden furniture, the best solution you can find.

What are the advantages of such products? Outdoor furniture made of natural rattan is very finicky to weather conditions.

Too dry air, sun or pouring rain will lead to rapid deterioration and will bring a lot of frustration to its owner.

And rattan can spoil only temperature is too high, then there is an open fire. All the other vicissitudes of the weather threatened it. Besides, are easier to treat.

It can be washed by pouring water from a garden hose under high pressure. And all sorts of harmful insects and fungi that like to eat a natural material, will not harm your furniture is made of plastic.

Another advantage of artificial rattan is the length of the cord.

rattan furniture in the country

It can be made much longer than the stem of rattan palm.

And this significantly affects the strength and durability of the finished product. After all, the fewer joints, the stronger the product.

All the furniture made of artificial rattan, as well as natural, very lightweight and move it can without much difficulty.

And aluminum frame to withstand a heavy load without the fear that it will break.

Considering all these characteristics, it is safe to say, furniture made of artificial rattan, not whimsical care.

This furniture will add flavor to the landscape design of your garden and will become an indispensable helper during the holidays.

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