Fuchsia — home care


Evergreen shrub Fuchsia belongs to the family Rutaceae.

The plant grows in Eastern and Northern Australia and Tasmania.

It has other names: «the Red Australian fuchsia», «Correia».

At home plant can be called the «Christmas Bush» because the main flowering period is December or January.

In nature, there are 11 species of Australian fuchsia. Most of them is the shrubs. At home root of the dwarf hybrid and two small shrubs.

The beautiful leaves are deep dark-green, ovate or lancenigo form and short petioles.

At the base of the leaf are formed of red, pink and white flowers that form inflorescence with 2-4 flowers. There are varieties with pink, greenish-yellow and red flowers.

Observing the growing conditions, the plant will bloom almost all winter. The buds are in appearance similar to oak acorns.

In the collections of fuchsia growers appeared relatively recently, but quickly gained popularity for their attractive appearance and its simplicity.

The most popular hybrid «Dusky Bells» in which beautiful pink flowers. A plant of small size, quickly and easily takes root and blooms for a long period of time.

Quite often, evergreen bushes are used for interior decoration. In summer the plant is desirable to make a balcony or export to the country.

Growing fuchsia

 Location and lighting

The flower must be placed in full sun, but in any case not in front of a hot brick wall, as the plant likes a fairly high humidity.


Most favorable for Correia moderate or cool temperature. In winter, indoor temperature should not be below elevation +5°C.

Watering and humidity

In spring and autumn, the plant must be watered, in winter, reduce watering to moderate, but do not allow drying of the soil. In the room where the Bush needs to be high humidity.


Feed flower fertilizer in moderation as it is too sensitive to excess special funds.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant the fuchsia can in the spring. Propagation can be done by stem cuttings also in the spring.


The main pests of representatives of the family Rutaceae is a mealybug, and spider mites.

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