Fuchsia — colored fountains


fuchsia care

Fuchsia — (family kipanya) is mainly found in South and Central America, Tahiti and New Zealand.

The name of the plant gave the German botanist and physician Leonhard Fuchs.

Fuchsia needs the right care.

She loves bright and diffused light, tolerates sun rays in the morning and the evening.

Contain fuchsia is recommended in the Western or Eastern Windows.

It is worth remembering that during flowering fuchsia is prohibited to rotate and to move from place to place, it can cause the flowers and buds will fall off.

In the hot summer period the plant should be regularly and abundantly watered, but it is not necessary to prevent the stagnation of the old water in the sump, as the kidney can sour.

In winter the frequency of watering the plants connected with the conditions of his detention, but, nevertheless, should be moderate watering.

Feed the fuchsia needs to be regularly. Her dressing is a fertilizer of mineral and organic origin.

Well this flower responds to organo-mineral fertilizer with lots of trace elements such as magnesium, boron, manganese, zinc, iron, selenium, etc.

In a period where growth and flowering are most active, feed plant should be at least once a week.

When root feeding fertilizers can be applied in very dry or waterlogged soil.

Fuchsia also do not feed within three weeks after the transplant into the new soil.

Root and outside root


feeding should be alternated. In autumn season the number of feedings should be reduced, and in winter – do not feed at all.

Transplant the plants produced in the period of its intensive growth. The usual signal is to transplant germinated through the drainage hole roots.

The transplant process is simple: on the bottom of the pot put the drain, he poured a thin layer of soil, and it fits the shaft, together with a clod of earth.

After that, around the shank and over the top of it strewed fresh mixture from the ground. Should not be planted fuchsia in an excessively large capacity, the diameter of the pot in which it will change should not be greater than the previous diameter more than 3 cm.

Fuchsia does not tolerate overheating of the root system for the plant it can be fatal. So the pots or planters it is better to take white.

The main pests of fuchsia are: aphids, spider mites, greenhouse whiteflies, disease — Septoria leaf spot — leaf spot, white mold.

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