Fruit trees trees

Trees trees

Trees is a common disease of fruit trees (apples, pears, plums, apricots, peaches), caused by infection of the plants with colonies of mushrooms.

The disease is widespread, often in danger severely weakened trees.

The first signs of the trees trees become visible in late spring or early summer.

Small areas of bark on branches of trees become unusual color, for example, the apricot – yellow and Apple – brown with a red tint.

In the surface of the cortex develop spores, and because of this it is covered with small bumps similar to goosebumps.

In time of rainy and windy weather there is a mass spores of pathogenic fungi.

Therefore, climatic factors play a major role in the number of infected plants. Inside the wood spores penetrate areas that were damaged mechanically.

Places, got sunburned, monotony undergoing monilia, become the centers of development of fungi.

In the process of life fungi produce toxic substances that affect the production of gum, and, consequently, blockage of conducting vessels in the tree.

Because the disease is already in a weakened tree, dieback of the branches occurs quickly – by late summer or early autumn.

Trees are often confused with another fungal disease black rot. However, there are some characteristic features that distinguish these diseases.

The bark of the tree, infected trees are not covered by the black coating, and smachivaetsya and does not exfoliate.

Pycnidia of fungi in this disease scattered randomly across the surface of the bark, while the black cancer they are arranged in concentric circles.

Methods of dealing with trees

Since the defeat pathogens of trees of more concern to weakened trees, special attention should be paid to agrotechnical receptions of care of plants:

  • — Proper pruning of branches produced twice a year;
  • — Soil application of calculated doses of fertilizers, which include phosphorous and potassium;
  • — Timely watering, to prevent drying of the soil;
  • Protection of trees from morozovoy and burns from the sun; Fruit trees trees
  • — Prevention and treatment of the affected areas of the cortex;


  • Close attention is paid to planting late spring and early summer, the removal and destruction of infected branches;
  • — The use of Bordeaux mixture in spring and autumn, as well as her substitutes during the summer.

These measures will help to prevent the spread of spores and the development of the disease.

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