Fruit plants

Fruit plants

Beautiful modern greenhouses are easy to find in any major city.

Mysterious trees covered with bright orange oranges, lemons, pomegranate, figs his exotic invite you to enter, examine and get to know them.

The history of the cultivation of such plants in Europe is of home gardens with wealthy families provide their families with delicious and healthy food in winter in the XVI century.

Unusual greenhouse in the homes of oranges, the first greenhouse of Leiden in Amsterdam, Paris, the Summer garden in St. Petersburg, a Paradise of orange city of Oranienbaum surprised by their fruit plants.

And the inhabitants of the small village of Pavlovo on the Eye, almost every house had a barrel of fruit-bearing lemon tree.

They have received a grade of lemon Pavlovsky is still known among lovers of exotic plants.

Room conditions are favorable for growing many kinds of fruit plants that came to us from the tropics and subtropics.

Their requirements for optimum growth simply to satisfy in conventional housing with not very cold climate.

You just have to carefully study the experience and tips accumulated over a long period of growing fruit plants indoors. Currently grown are types of fruit plants:

1 Citrus orange, bergamot, bigarade, grapefruit, tangelo, lime, lemon, tangerine, tangor, etc. 2 Bananas.3 Pineapples.4 Feijoas.5 Fig.6 papaya.7 passion fruit.

Location and lighting

Potted fruit trees should not be placed directly on the windowsill. These are usually placed on an optional table stand fixed on their level at the distance of 50 cm from the window.

They all require a large amount of light without drafts and cold coming from the window glass in the cold period. The roots of the plants in a cold pot poorly developed.

Thus the additional burden due to exposure to dry air leads to unwanted blight.

The spectral composition of the daily solar radiation varies after passing through window glass, which completely holds ultraviolet rays necessary for the development of any plant in nature.

To compensate possible only with the help of special lamps that need to purchase mandatory. Only in this case, in the second year of life can be seen in addition to external beauty and even the fruit of their own trees.


Requirements to the temperature conditions vary greatly depending on the plant species. A common condition is the creation of temperature in winter not below 16°C and in summer 25 to 35°C.

Watering and humidity

A very important point of care is the establishment of a humidity around 70% at the location of the pots with plants. To do this, use a pan with a small permanently wet gravel, regular spraying with warm water, special air humidifier, mini greenhouses from plastic bags.


The growth and aging of the fruit is only possible in well-fertilized soil. Currently on sale is the well-balanced complex fertilizers. They must be regularly applied.

Transplantation and propagation

All fruit plants require a large amount of soil. It is advisable to grow them in barrels, the dimensions of which are chosen to suit the requirements of each species and variety separately.

Seed propagation is most often used for growing rootstocks for later grafting method of inoculation «eye».

And should only be planted fresh seeds at a depth of 1 cm the Method of propagation is more simple.

Especially for young plants, cuttings survival rate, which is high. If grown citrus plant, an important agronomic point is the correct formation of the crown due to pruning

Fruit plants

branches that do not satisfy the terms of the compact form of the plant.

It’s not that much of pomegranates, figs and even pineapples will be able to try.

Amazing an exotic atmosphere created by the leaves and flowers obtained in an ordinary apartment, more than pay for all the care and labour. And can be a life-work.

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