Fountain for garden with your own hands

fountain for garden with your own hands

Fountain in the country seems luxurious decoration, so many gardeners mistakenly think that it is only available to exceptionally wealthy people.

In fact, if you calculate the cost of materials, it becomes clear that this beauty is available and average abundance, especially if you make a fountain for the garden with his own hands.

It’s not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. I’ll try to answer the important moments of the construction, based on personal, albeit modest experience. Possible do everything with their hands.

Fountain for garden with your own hands

We must begin, of course, with the choice of location in the country for placing the fountain. The ideal would be an open platform available to view on all sides, at the same time it is important not to build with his hands an obstacle, the construction should not interfere with the passage of other country houses.

Also note that near a fountain country is humid, and some plants may not be comfortable in this neighborhood, in General, try to provide all the nuances prior to construction. Because fountain for the garden with his own hands will do the long haul.

The principle of operation is as follows. The water pump is drawn into the device and then through a nozzle is supplied to the outside.

There is a constant vicious cycle. To collect the water, required capacity, preferably in the form of a bowl (wide and shallow). There are two options to buy a tank or make her own hands.

Purchasing the bowl of the fountain is more suitable for mobility, so you can quickly move to another place.

Constant is better to make concrete. The advantages are obvious: the right size, any shape. Simple dug a pit and concreted or you can cover the PVC film and fix it to not move and does not pop up.

Now you must select the pump for the fountain. If you want a big head get powerful, but no, cheaper to buy, it all a matter of taste.

Country connects the pump for the fountain to a regular power outlet waterproof wiring and connections.

As we know water supply and sewage drainage water is not needed, it operates in a closed loop. As the evaporation will add water in the right amounts, and everything.

But that’s not all, according to the fountain in the garden will make a lasting impression if you use nozzles that will give the water a different shape. Better to give preference to attachments made from brass, bronze or stainless steel.

The final touch in the construction of fountain for garden with your own hands, will be making it in your favorite style. I designed a little country style.

The water flows from the underlying split of the jar and trickles down over the rocks in a decorative pond. Show imagination and your waterfall will delight all of your friends and neighbors.

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