Foundation for a bath

the Foundation for giving

The construction of any object, including baths in the country, begins with the pouring of the Foundation.

In the case where the bathhouse is a simple design, consisting of 2 rooms, for the Foundation of a suitable material such as the stone booth.

During the construction of baths using either tape or pier Foundation.

Pier Foundation involves the use of separate columns, as in a tape form, use solid stripes that outline the building footprint.

Instead of stone you can use the bricks still need to be concrete, various wood, waterproofing materials, sheets of asbestos.

Bath necessarily insulated, so there is a need for special materials. Today is a good and new insulation – mineral wool.

Interior baths have solid wood and ceramic tile. Good roof of the bath, made of materials of the shingles.

Before you build the Foundation for a bath, you need to consider the composition of soil on the site of the future baths.

Optimal for construction is considered a soil from the sand. The ground will suit and with

the Foundation for giving

sand / stone base.

Properties of these soils do not allow to freeze its base and the bath as a whole.

You can not build a bathhouse on the basis of clay, this soil is prone to swelling. The depth of the trench for the Foundation not less than half a meter.

If the room is small, the load on the Foundation is small, then use the pier Foundation.

This Foundation represents the pillars of brick or stone are not related to each other. Install them on all the corners of buildings, in areas of joints of external and internal walls.

If the room is large, then lay the additional columns. The bases tape are other principles and composition.

Foundation — rubble stone and cement. Often used as the basis for concrete blocks. Close up of them on a compacted layer of sand.

the Foundation for giving

Pour the Foundation under the bath at 400 millimeters above the surface of the earth.

At the end of the surface and corners are smoothed with cement, always check the level with a special tool.

Do waterproofing roofing material, optionally in several layers. In construction it is important to use red bricks instead of silicate.

Next, make sandy podsypku, which rises 400 millimetres above ground level. After ramming the earth layer is laid and fifty mm layer of concrete with a slope towards the drain wall.

When laying the Foundation you need to comply with all the requirements to use high-quality building materials, then the work is not done in vain.

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