Forcing tulips at home

tulips at home

A lot of pleasant moments can deliver winter and early spring home flower garden with blooming flowers.

It calculated the forcing of tulips.

The choice of gardeners today, a wide range of varieties.

There are varieties of tulips are specially designed for distillation.

The selection is guided by the desired time of flowering, height of stems, color of the buds. Preference is given to varieties resistant to viral diseases.

To get flowers by a certain date, it must be. If intended for early forcing of tulips, for example, for the new year holiday, the bulbs are planted in early autumn. Shifting of planting time accordingly moves and the duration of flowering.

Forcing tulips

That all went well, you must undertake preparatory work. With the aim of distillation is necessary to select a large healthy bulbs.

Them completely clean from the outer shell, which can contain pathogens, and for half an hour immersed in a solution of a preparation «Maxim».

Then dried and stored for about a month in the dark at room temperature, then placed in the refrigerator in the vegetable compartment. Before planting, the bulbs are immersed for about half an hour in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Measures for the disinfection of planting material cannot be neglected. Otherwise, the colors may be irreparable harm to dangerous viral disease. Then all efforts to the forcing of tulips will be in vain.

The substrate must be light, neutral and breathable. You can use garden soil, mixed with sand, peat and vermiculite. In the box or wide pot, intended for planting shall be a drainage layer to drain excessive moisture.

First, fill the tank with substrate is not to the top. Pour a layer of lightly compacted, after that it place the bulbs, which are then completely fall asleep the rest of the mixture. Then the planting evenly watered.

The tops of the bulbs should not protrude above ground level, if necessary, they sprinkled the planting mixture.

For rooting of the bulbs capacity stand in a dark cool room where the temperature is maintained no higher than 10 degrees. Usually it takes about four

Forcing tulips at home

months, depending on the variety.

It is necessary to watch that the soil doesn’t dry out, and were always damp, but not wet.

With the advent of the first germs, the temperature should be slightly above the zero mark.

When the required flowering period will remain three weeks, put the pots in a warm lit place. After a few days the temperature should be brought up to 18 degrees, and the lighting to make it more powerful.

In short winter photoperiod should do additional lighting. Otherwise the stems will stretch.

The care of home flower garden with tulips is regular watering and feeding, what is it used for calcium nitrate.

The appearance of the buds is useful to reduce the temperature in the room. Then the stems will be stronger, the longer flowers will retain their beauty and will become more saturated color.

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