For tillers store garden equipment

the motor-block

The tillers are a versatile type of equipment and the tasks it can solve totally unexpected.

If you can attach a generator, the device will function as a portable power plant.

You can set and water pump, if the manufacturer has not prohibited such use in the guide.

Motorloa technique: variety of use

If you have the necessary additional equipment can perform a variety.

Moreover, the equipment can be purchased with the unit, and after purchase. Any store of garden machinery offers various models of tillers.

Motorloa equipment — powerful, heavy and versatile. It is able to solve various problems, the scope of which is defined only installed on the it equipment.

Typically, aggregates are used as cultivators, plows, vyipustila fruit, plough-Hillers, blowers and others. Replacement time required: it only takes ten minutes if you have sufficient skills.

All tillers equipped with wheels, the aggregates turn into something like tractors. In the presence of a truck or small trailer the machines easily cope with the transport of small loads.

However, technology refers to a variety of heavy, therefore the cost is much higher than the lightweight models of cultivators. It often reaches a hundred thousand rubles and more.

Therefore, for the cultivation of the soil to buy such expensive equipment is not necessary. Enough cheap hoe.

If the main condition of purchase is the versatility of the unit and its versatility, it is the tillers will meet all expectations.

Capacity is the main criterion for selection of tillers

The power of the device depends on the processing speed of the plot. In weaker cars width below and passes to realize they have more.

One horsepower provides about 20 inches of treatment. In order to correctly choose the equipment, you need to calculate its capacity before buying.

The unit can be both a gasoline and a diesel engine. Different manufacturers produce products of different capacities.

To determine the optimal value, you must know the area of cultivated land. A 3.5 horsepower 20 acres, 60 acres would require 4 «horses», and the area up to 1 hectare in need of Assembly with a capacity of 5-6 HP

Inappropriate use the tillers in the plots, the area exceeding a hectare — that’s more logical application of compact tractors.

The reserve power is always welcome, because this increases the reliability and service life, even if it is involved in performing the most complex works.

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