Folk remedies from weeds in the garden

folk remedies from weeds

Most likely, the weeds make the complexity of care for suburban areas.

It turns out a strange pattern. Weeds not specifically plants, but they appear so «good» are rising, even to get rid of them is sometimes difficult.

And weeding does not need them, and they don’t need fertilizing, even watering, they do not need. Grow as yeast.

So, for many gardeners this is perhaps the biggest problem. But everything is so hopeless? Quite successfully be used in the fight folk remedies from weeds.

Folk remedies from weeds

 Salt. To prevent the growth of weeds, for example, salt. This method is known since ancient times and is considered quite successful.

The soil where the weeds grow need to be watered «nuclear» solution, you can also just sprinkle the earth with salt. Need one square 1,5 kg. But if this procedure is done early in the morning, or before rain, the work is minimized because irrigation will deal with the nature itself.

But this method has a significant disadvantage. It is the impossibility of planting crops in this area for a long time. For this reason, it is recommended that salt not be used on the garden, and for example, on paths or tracks.

Vinegar. To be considered a substitute herbicide and does a good job in weed control. In addition, there is in any kitchen. Prepare a solution for spraying.

It is necessary to take 2 tbsp. of vinegar and water, a bag of pineapples, 30 gr. alcohol, a few teaspoons of detergent. All this is well mixed and are sprayed weeds.

But when spraying is necessary to ensure that the solution did not get to cultivated plants. The presence of alkali in the composition of the solution can destroy any plant.

Some folk remedies from weeds effectively help to deal with small plants. In particular soda. Because this substance is alkaline, it is possible to successfully destroy even a weed.

The solution is to do concentrated, to destroy the weed, as they say in the Bud. But cultivated plants should be located at a minimum distance of 20 cm.

But alcohol can be used for about a month before planting crops. This procedure helps to decontaminate the land and will contribute to avoiding the growth of weeds. So for 2 acres of land need 11 liters of alcohol. Alcohol diluted in the ratio 1:10 and perform watering.

Some folk remedies from weeds is not always effective, and still need to look exactly the way that will help.

So, according to some gardeners weed can be eliminated with the help of feed grains, particularly corn. They claim that this product is able to stop the growth of weeds at the stage of seeds.

Germination is hampered by the gluten, which is «a contraceptive. It is best to use this method in the middle of summer when done some weeding, and crop plants have a certain height, which block the growth is no longer dangerous.

Folk remedies from weeds

If we talk about organic means you can use newspaper, sawdust, paper and cardboard. Their scattered between the beds in autumn before frosts begin in a layer of 10 to 15 cm.

Then the next year pick them up on the beds and do the digging, and these places fill new.

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