Folk remedies from mosquitoes

Folk remedies from mosquitoes

Often of a warm summer is accompanied by the presence of obnoxious mosquitoes.

It was during this period most people are increasingly interested in tools that are able to scare off the little bloodsuckers.

On the shelves very large selection of chemicals, but they can harm human health.

The question arises about the alternative, does it exist? Of course!

Folk remedies from mosquitoes have the ability to produce improvised. For this great spices that will be needed in the not a large number, but they create a great effect.

Vanilla mosquito repellent. This spice is added to the finished cream or make liquid. For the manufacture of the first 1 gr. 10 gr. the base cream. It is best to take baby cream.

The finished mixture is spread over the closed areas of the body. Ointment repels insects for approximately one hour, and further allowed again to use it, since vanilla is a completely safe spice.

But it should be said that the reverse action has vanilly sugar, which will deter mosquitoes, but rather to attract.

As for the solution, it is prepared as follows: to 1 liter of water will need 1 package of vanilla, stir well and pour into a spray bottle and sprayed the body.

Cloves from mosquitoes. Is considered an excellent for repelling pesky insects. An excellent effect has not only a spice, but the clove oil.

Therefore, to prepare 1 sachet of dried cloves to pour hot water in number 1 of article Then everything is boiled for 2-3 minutes, allowed to cool and the finished broth in a small amount is added to Cologne.

This drug is sprayed the body. In the presence of clove oil, 3-4 drops applied to things or bed.

Folk remedies from mosquitoes, such as essential oils, is a great weapon to fight insects.

A great deterrent action have lavender, anise oil, even tea tree and geranium. Just one of these oils pour cream and lubricate the body.

While relaxing in the fire, throw cones, spruce, and pine branches. Able to deter mosquitoes and Valerian, Heather, and Basil. These plants are recommended to put also into the fire.

Works well freshly dug root of wormwood. It can be put in a tent or a decoction of the root of wormwood oil body.

Folk remedies from mosquitoes

For rural residents a great helper in the fight against mosquitoes will be Basil and tomato. These plants are seated not many throughout the garden plot, but that they grew near the house.

Folk remedies from mosquitoes intended for indoor use are similar to those used outdoors.

Often use essential oils, in particular eucalyptus, lavender, cloves, etc dripping on the curtains and the headboard. Also it is recommended to use lamps, but they are used more than once in a day and a few, within half an hour.

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