Fly ash is a valuable fertilizer for the garden

ash - fertilizer

With the onset of cold weather in many homes and cottages have to use the stove.

So, will ash is a valuable potash-phosphate fertilizer.

Obtained from the combustion of wood (and crop residues), it contains potassium and phosphorus in readily available to plants form.

Potassium gives the fruits of tenderness and strength, and the phosphorus is an essential element, without which to obtain high yields.

In addition, fly ash contains useful for all vegetable crops micronutrients (magnesium, boron, sulfur, iron, sodium, manganese).

Because the ash contains chlorine, it can be used for plants that react negatively to this item: wild strawberries, currants, raspberries.

Particularly sensitive to the ashes of the main vegetable crops: potatoes, carrots and beets. For potatoes better suited ashes from birch wood.

Potassium from ash to digest potatoes better than from potash. Tubers are well developed, contain more starch and therefore, when cooking good to soft after boiling, but the plants themselves suffer less late blight.


The ash fertilizes the soil and rascasse, creating for life of soil microorganisms favorable conditions, in particular bacteria, which enrich the ground with nitrogen.

Soil application of ash increases the viability of the plants when transplanting they take root faster and get sick less.

You can make ash, when digging the soil. In light sandy this is best done in the spring and heavy in autumn and spring.

Pretty — 100-200 g per square meter. One tablespoon is 6 grams of ash in a glass — 100 g, half-liter jar — 250 g

Fly ash has been successfully used as a means of combating pests and diseases of horticultural crops.

In particular, to protect cabbage seedlings from such dangerous diseases such as Clubroot. For this half a bucket of ash to pour the water, stirring occasionally, to insist during the day.

Then 2 l of this solution to pour in a bucket of clean

ash - fertilizer

water, mix well. The mixture should water the seedlings and use while planting in the open ground (to pour in each hole).

When the cabbage root, and will go to growth, to make three or four watering with a solution of ash, after making a groove around the stem.

This not only protects cabbage from disease, but also deoxidized the earth in the beds.

So gather the ashes of the stock, but keep it under roof cover and under the open sky ash quickly loses its power.

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