Flowers in hanging pots

flowers in hanging pots

It is not always possible to the true connoisseurs of flowers to find enough space in his beloved country, but you want to plant other types, so pleasing to the eye and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

In this case there is one solution – the flowers in the hanging pots.

In fact, it is a good idea in the first place, they don’t take up much space, and second, mobile, hanging pots with flowers you can transfer at any time and place, even if you need to shelter from the weather.

Some gardeners in pots grow strawberries, it is also very comfortable and beautiful, but when caring for flowers in hanging pots or other summer crops, it is desirable to follow some recommendations, as there are features of cultivation. The soil in this flower bed dries out faster, need watering more often.

You need a certain approach to the choice cultivated flowers, remember that hanging planter gaze falls on the side or bottom, so the plants have to hang down.

The volume pots can be selected individually for different types of flowers and other plants. It all depends on the required volume of soil.

For example, cascading petunias need 5 or more liters of soil for growing Lobelia enough with 1-1,5 l. Although these and other flowers are ideal for growing in hanging pots in the country.

Another important point is the soil for hanging pots. Garden land for such beds

flowers in hanging pots

too heavy, it is difficult to loosening and quickly pressed. For growing flowers in pots, it is better to use a primer, purchased from a retailer.

It must be floral, and it should include the agroperlite — it prevents the caking and solidification of the earth.

As already mentioned the plants in the hanging pots need more frequent watering, the plants do not dry out. Choose a planter with a drip tray to keep moisture longer.

Don’t be afraid of heavy watering, excess moisture will leave.

flowers in hanging pots

Due to the small volumes of soil the plants in hanging baskets need special care, and pay special attention to fertilization.

The nutrients are washed away with watering faster than in the garden. Use a complete flower fertilizer. For growing in hanging pots, fits a large number of colors, the choice of the rich, but some can be unsightly.

Will look great cascading waterfall and basket varieties are petunias, petunias, nasturtiums. With Bush types of perfect marigolds, viola, verbena. Great in hanging pots feel some spices and berries.

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