Flowers for the front garden

Flowers for the front garden

The front garden at house could be his calling card and the flowers decoration.

Before its layout was considered fine, if it differed from living nature.

Now the garden closer to the natural conditions: the flowers grow in groups, as if by themselves.

If there is a bed, it should be smooth, not lined with brick. Be sure to join as many spaces, all in their correct placement, in the selection – depending on the area you will decorate.

Each garden has its own style: normal village, Japanese, French, etc. are also Important landscape.

When building destroyed natural water bodies, rocky slopes, which can be used in the relief of the front garden. The style of garden depends on the architecture of the house.

Most importantly, choose the flowers so they bloom from early spring until the beginning of cold weather. For example, the spring characteristic plants such as hyacinths, daffodils, tulips. This is the first spring flowers. Background can serve as a violet, which is spread like a green carpet.

If the garden is on the Sunny side, well planted zinnias, marigolds, Salvia that bloom bright red flowers until the first snow.

Here you can locate perennial flowers: Golden ball, phloxes, peonies, Catnip. Very unpretentious geranium and Impatiens.

Are plants, but all summer until late autumn, they bloom and pleasing to the eye. Very beautiful Sunny, Turkish carnation, which is useful because its spicy aroma repels harmful insects. Autumn is marked by flowers such as asters and chrysanthemums.

They are good because they endure the cold and do not require special care. Only Astra is an annual flower, and chrysanthemum is a perennial plant. In the winter it is necessary to insulate with sawdust.

If the shadow side, then planted those plants that have large leaves. Is: bergenia, Hosta, Cannas, hydrangeas.

These plants are also flowering, but the flowers quickly wither, and the leaves, their beautiful form decorate the garden all season, even in the period of decay.

If the garden is from the front side of the house, is well located decorative lattice, pergola, plant the morning glory, which trudges up and blooms blue gramophones, clematis, grapes.

Flowers for the front garden

The front garden can decorate not only decorative flowers but also herbs.

They are not only useful for human but also have beautiful flowers and wonderful aroma. It: common St. John’s wort, marjoram, lavender, motherwort.

Whichever style is chosen, as long as the front garden to bring joy and aesthetic pleasure to man.

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