Flowerpot for garden with your own hands

Flowerpot for garden with your own hands, Yes, easily, especially, that make it possible according to your wishes and needs.

Most importantly for this purpose, no special or expensive materials you do not need, are there many in the country or you can buy in the store.

Some of these products can be useful to create a landscape design. Using the pot to make a garden in a country style simply. And thereby give the area a creative look.

Flowerpot for garden with your own hands

First of all select and align a platform for future pot. Further, the ground hammered the cut steel pipe, to a depth of 50 cm, as shown in (Fig. a), wherein the upper end of the pipe to the bottom level of your future flowerpot.

Then around a driven pipe pile a mound of broken brick or any debris – this is the frame blanks of the pot, which will be a process of manufacture.

Once the frame of the planter for the garden is ready, you need to prepare a solution, which will be made blank. For the solution in the ratio 1:1 you need to take the sand and clay and mix thoroughly components.

This mass round the prepared frame. The surface is leveled with a trowel or spatula the way we want to see the inner surface of the pot to give.

Additionally at the bottom edge of the blanks will make the blind area from the same mass. (Fig. b).

Flowerpot for garden with your own hands

Then in the first section of pipe to insert another piece of pipe just smaller diameter. The second tube will become the axis of the whole structure.

On the axle is worn smooth, you invented the pattern by which the rotation of levelling the surface. In the future this internal side of the planter for the garden.

To obtain a smooth and even surface, if necessary, in emptiness, add the clay solution.

Aligned the disc must be dry to the solid state, and to avoid the formation of cracks it is best to cover and periodically wipe with clay.

After drying the blanks, it is made of a wire frame armature. The size of the frame is set with that in mind, that it will be inside the body of the pot.

To make the frame of pot for giving by hand using wire with a diameter of 2-3 mm. At the intersections of the wire or interconnect, or connect by means of welding.

Preparing distribution warehouse, (wax 30% turpentine and 70%) to separate the pot from the discs preparatory work can be completed. The process of making pot for the garden with their hands

Axis rotates the paper into 10-12 layers up to the level of perceived external surface of the product. Then greased with release agent is applied to the blank half of the solution of the alleged pot.

This layer smooth and stack on top of the wire frame. Then is laid on top of the second half of the solution, and even prepared a template for the outside of the pot.

If necessary, excess solution is removed or if there is not enough attached. After giving the pot to give the ultimate form of spend hardening of the surface.

For this purpose it is sprinkled with dry cement and smooth pattern. On completion of works pot cover with a damp cloth and leave for a week.

After curing the product is removed from the upper piece of pipe, it is inverted and put in place. Now made pot for villas with their hands can decorate.

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