Flowering houseplants

flowering houseplants

Very nice and cozy when the house is filled with a pleasant aroma of flowering houseplants.

To achieve this success, you need to put your heart and soul and a lot of effort.

In the article, I tried to pick flowers that are the best and the most beautiful.

Flowering houseplants


African violet (Saintpaulia) is due to the variety of shapes and colors will appeal to many gardeners, they don’t take up much space, and do not require intensive care.

Light violet in good light, proper watering and high humidity will delight You with its beauty for several years. The only thing I can not stand this plant in direct sunlight.

Puansetiya is a plant that is almost always dissolved before Christmas.

Types of poinsettias displayed many, they are all different shades, ranging from white, pink and so on., but the classic red is still the most popular.

The flowering of this plant gives a festive mood. Orchids are among the most popular houseplants. They number about 30 thousand. varieties and tens of thousands of different hybrids.

For homemade flower lovers there are five species of this plant. Despite the fact that orchids are capricious in the content, a caring grower will be rewarded and will be able to enjoy the marvelous beauty of these flowers.

Spathiphyllum is used for interior decoration, designers love them because of the beautiful white flowers with smooth leaves.

These flowering indoor plants like heat, high humidity and diffuse light. Bloom usually from late summer to mid-autumn.

Begonia blooming lovely choice for your home. They are the same as garden flowers is not demanding and beautiful. Among the many types that everyone can choose to house your favorite plants.

Cacti under natural conditions are allocated very beautiful flowering. Many of them are able to the deflation of flowers and room conditions.

It is only necessary to create the appropriate conditions, namely good lighting and proper watering. One of the representatives of blooming cacti at home is a – cactus «the Decembrist».

Kalanchoe blooms with groups of small flowers and low maintenance, so this plant can also be attributed to a blooming indoor plants that are suitable for the home.

Most importantly provide the right amount of water and sufficient lighting. Most suitable «Kalanchoe blossfelda».

Anthurium perfectly fits the interior of any apartment, due to the structure of the flower. The most popular is «Anthurium Scherzer».

This plant is quite difficult to grow indoors, but caring hand and proper care will help to achieve flowering.

The Anthurium likes high humidity, reinforced watering, bright light, nutrient rich soil and high humidity.

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