Flower «Male happiness» — care at home


With some of the indoor plants have different beliefs and legends.

For example, Anthurium (man’s happiness), according to the legend, appeared thanks to the girl who jumped into the fire, fleeing from the cruel ruler.

The gods had spared her, turning into a beautiful flower.

Therefore, the Anthurium is the symbol of courage, strength, will and passion. And that’s why they say it will bring luck to the male half of humanity. Maybe because of this, it is called «Male happiness.»

The dark green leaves of a plant shaped like a heart. Just as the petals of white, red or speckled colors, framing his blanket on the cob-inflorescence of white, pink or yellow color.

To «Male happiness» really bring good luck, his need to love and to cherish. And then he «will repay a hundredfold.»

Caring for men’s happiness

Anthurium is a very beautiful plant. The slightest deviation from the regimen will affect his appearance.

So if you started at «Male happiness», you need to be very careful and patient with him.

Lighting. The Anthurium likes a lot of light. But in summer direct sunlight can cause burns on the leaves.

So you have to take care of receivales light. In winter, on the contrary, the brighter the lighting the better.

Air temperature and humidity. Despite the fact that «Male happiness» – heat-loving plant, the optimum temperature for a given flower should be in the range of +18ºC — +20 º C

Humidity should be maintained high. If the air is dry, the plants need to be sprayed 2-3 times a day. Or close to set the humidifier.

Watering. He should be moderate, excessive moisture can rot the roots. So watering in summer should be carried out every 4 days.

In the winter – once a week. The water should be quite soft and separated (filtered).

Feeding. «Men’s happiness» the need for mineral fertilizers. To make them to be regular, once a month. But only in the period of active growth. Winter feeding is excluded.

Transplant. Anthurium transplanted in the spring. When the flowering is not an obstacle. The pot should be to select not big, not deep but a bit wider than the previous one.

At the bottom be sure to provide drainage. The plant is gently transferred into the new


capacity together with a clod of earth.

Reproduction. Life expectancy «male happiness» – 3 years. Then the plant begins to drop leaves.

So, it’s time to propagate the flower. This Bush is divided into 2-3 pieces and planted in small pots.

As a primer I take sod and leaf blend with addition of bog moss.

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