Flower beds and flower beds at the cottage with his own hands

flower beds and flower beds at the cottage with his own hands

When creating a flower garden and flower beds at the cottage with their hands, try to plant flowers groups: those who are above, below, on the front.

An example of two simple variants of flower beds at the cottage of annuals.


Look at the white — pink tones

Pink and white lavatera and pink kosmeya on the back of the flower bed, groups. Ahead of zinnias, white and pink. Godetia and the Drummond Phlox – plots scattered in the middle closer to the front.

And in addition composition finish, white allisom the edges of the flower bed. It’s good to add the cornflower annuals.

The flower garden at the cottage with his own hands: red and orange color from the annuals.

In the background, red amaranth, and tall ornamental sunflowers. and Yellow and red zinnias. Closer annual dahlias.

Between the zinnias to plant rare eshsholtsiya. Asters yellow and red shades. A little variety of calendula. Stunted marigolds are good to define the edges of flowerbeds.

Before you begin planning your flower bed or flower garden, consider some of the subtleties: All the flowers heads grow to the sun.

And if a review of established flower beds will be on the North side, be prepared that most of the time the buds will turn away.

If just, put in a flower garden or flowerbed plants with less pronounced following the sun.

Such flowers include: marigolds, zinnias and perennial irises, lupine, liatris, botulinic, delphinium.

When creating a flower garden place between flowers of different groups. Nothing wrong if the flower bed and the flower bed will look empty, but in July there will be a choice to remove a spreading species, to release a less aggressive colors.

When planning a flower garden or flower bed, consider the height of plants, it is usually indicated on the package of seed, be sure to observe the recommended distance between flowers of the same species. If sown plants come up too often, dig them up carefully to put on another flower bed.

For long-flowering annual or perennial flowers that need to the extent necessary to remove the withered plants, and ovary.

It will give freshness to the flower garden and to encourage re-bloom some flowers. Not visivite flowers of the same species in a large area.

When they ottsvetut, the site will become unattractive and deserted. On next season we need to think this summer. To a flower bed or the flowerbed in the country created by your own hands bloom in early spring, the fall planted bulbs Muscari, crocuses, tulips and hyacinths.

As soon as the snow melts and the sun appears the flower will light delicate crocuses. Following will casineum «cob» Muscari, then relay together will pick up a luxury fragrant hyacinths and tulips are diverse.

Bulbous flowers at the cottage is better to plant in the vicinity of perennials with a strong bushy foliage.

Especially between peonies, hosts, or ferns. In early spring, when the greens are perennial flowers have not yet appeared, the onion will reveal itself in all its glory.

And then drying the leaves of primroses, cover perennials flowers.

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