Floristry for beginners


Every woman loves flowers, beautiful and delicate like herself.

But few people think that apart from the usual bouquets, which are sold in flower shops, you can do some amazing compositions, and they can be a wonderful gift.

This art of creating flowers of unusual shapes there are florists and people who work professionally with flowers.

Floristry encompasses not only the ability to collect beautiful bouquet, but also the knowledge of plants and their difference from each other, nuances of color, what color goes better with what, how to care and store the flowers.

Floristics refers to the decorative arts in our time is very popular to have flowers at home, using plants and flowers grown at his dacha.

You don’t have to complete special courses to delight yourself, friends and household beautiful compositions. Most of these Pets Hobbies can become a favorite pastime the whole family.

Of the colors to do not only bouquets, but also murals, collages, garlands, floral wreaths for decorating doors and walls, composition in the vessel, in addition, one of the innovations in this class of steel 3D compositions that can be in the form of Teddy bears or other fun shapes.

Of course, start to become florists, like any other craft, is with the easiest to move to a new level of skill.

So, you first need to decide what will be the beginning in this creative way. It is best to catch the inspiration to let go and just create, invent something new, beyond what is already invented, because the most interesting solutions come unexpectedly.

Passion for the floristry does not imply only work with fresh flowers, perfect and dried flowers and herbs, artificial, different berries and twigs, leaves, nuts.

With regard to the design of hardware, you can use beads, pearls, rhinestones, ribbons, sequins, fabric, stone and even plastic.

In the world of floristry are the main areas that will be useful to both novice and experienced. Among the main it is worth noting «technique of sticking», it will be useful for creation of wedding bouquets the floral foam in which plants will get the moisture it needs to stand longer.

Another technique is «the technique of weaving», it allows you to create unusual shapes on a prepared frame. With this technique you can decorate the umbrella, or, for example, panels on the wall.

Yet many different techniques used in floral design and each opens up this method of needlework in new ways.

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