Floral arrangements at their summer cottage

floral arrangements

Creating floral arrangements on the garden beds, we choose several types of plants, blooming flowers of the desired color to highlight the overall design of the flower, color of flowers, or just to make a cool, refreshing note.

The use of floral arrangements allows you to create a feeling of freshness and optically increases the space.

Known varieties of bell heaped with flowers of different colors, for example, you can combine dark blue flowers with white. Dark blue flowers gloxinia magically look against the light blue wall.

Creating floral arrangements in the garden house, on the porch or summer kitchen, is also possible to choose the color shades, to associate one color in the picture, the color of your favorite porcelain and the color of flowers.

Very impressive look porcelain plates white or blue in which to grow blue flowers. Plants can be one color or different shades of blue.

Pink color softens a little cold blue. Especially effectively looked different varieties of plants of the same species with flowers of pink and blue, for example, different varieties of peas fragrant.

Looks also basket with pink and blue cineraria or Streptococcus garden.

floral arrangements

The palette of colors opposite of blue is yellow and orange. Close to each other tones often look very plain and boring, so the fabric manufacturers often introduce subtle motif in a contrasting color, which enlivens the basic pattern.

Similarly, a plant with flowers or leaves of contrasting color can be an unusual accent in the living room with walls of blue.

For example, in the bathroom, blue laminated tiles, you can create a floral arrangement with Golden yellow chrysanthemums. This plant will be a bright spot of color amid cold walls.

Different shades of the same spectrum, for example, a deep purple-pink dark orange, are an excellent background.

floral arrangements

Here are some practical tips on creating different compositions of a similar nature:

  • put on the terrace, purple Petunia, and around the place Laurentiu or alyssum rock with flowers of the same shades;
  • on the background of blue wall or near the front door blue check, sweet peas, morning glory or clematis blue;
  • composition in a rustic style along stairs install pots with blue Nigella damask.

Blue: Hydrangea is a plant with large inflorescences collected in flowers from lavender to light blue. Grows on acidic soil. Hyacinths and Muscari — spring flowering bulbous plants.

Light blue floral arrangements: Svinchatka — a climbing plant with bright blue flowers bloom in spring and summer. There are also varieties of svinchatka with flowers of pink or white.

Purple: Gloxinia is one of the types is a plant with lavender flowers, covered with purple-white spots. Lisianthus Russell is a plant with flowers of bright purple. Ekzakum related is a plant with purple-pink flowers and yellow stamens.

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