Fittonia — care at home


«Nature, carved in stone» — it’s about the family of Acanthus.

It is the leaves of these plants in ancient times, the Greek architects introduced in the architecture as an element of decoration.

And now the beautiful Fittonia adorns the interiors of many apartments. But to enjoy this potted flower, it should be great attention.

And then the native of Peru will become a real «Queen» floral collection.

Fittonia — care tips

 Location and lighting

Fittonia plant from direct sunlight, it «suffers». Therefore, the flowerpot it is better to set a little away from the window, creating a small penumbra.

And in the winter time Fittonia should be taken away from radiators. Not forgetting to provide the plant a sufficient amount of light.


Fittonia likes not only to «bathe in the rays of the sun – flower does not feel comfortable when the temperature drops. So the room should maintain a stable heat in the range of +25°C.

In the winter minimum temperature should not fall below +18°C. Ventilated the room the plant will need to endure beyond it – Fittonia can not tolerate drafts.

Watering and humidity

This plant requires abundant regular watering. But pour Fittonia should not – simply is not necessary to allow drying of the soil.

As a houseplant it is in our apartments to tropical forests, Fittonia, it is important to keep sufficient humidity. In especially hot days, you need to arrange flower irrigation of the soul.


Fittonia is actively growing, fertilize it if. But add diluted fertilizer is necessary only in a certain period of the year: from mid-spring until the autumn. And this should be done 2 times a month.

For power suit universal mineral Supplement for indoor plants. But the concentration of the solution will need to do is weaker than the one specified on the package of fertilizer – Fittonia can get sick from the excess chemicals.

Transplantation and propagation

To Fittoniya better developed, it is necessary to annually replant in a new container with fresh sod land. Doing this in the spring – always in the same month. For planting choose a small, but spacious enough flower pots.

When transplanting Fittonia usually are cut, forming a crown. Obtained the cuttings used for plant propagation.

For formation of the root system branches Fittonia can be put in water or stick in the wet sand. Experienced growers, this plant is propagated by dividing the Bush or layering.

Pests and fight with them

If you do not comply with all conditions of growth, Fittonia starts to hurt. But most of all her annoying flower pests: thrips, mealybugs, red spider mites.

Therefore, the plant should from time to time treated with Actellic – not only with the appearance of the buds and shoots of pests, but also in the preventive purposes.

Parallel with chemicals to fight pests can and folk remedies – tincture of regular tobacco plants are sprayed, attacked by parasites.

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