Fit raspberry

Landing Malini

Raspberry — culture is available to Amateur gardeners.

So will not be easy to drop her off at his beloved dacha.

Bush directly propagated by division, cuttings or suckers.

Planting raspberries produce best in mid-autumn, before the frost.

Spring and summer planted crops are not desirable. But if there was such a need, then it must be done as early as possible. In any landing, raspberries immediately watered abundantly.

The landing place of the raspberry

Though raspberry comes from wild plants, but it is quite demanding to soil fertility. The best option for him is the soil with slightly acidic reaction (supercanine and loam).

Culture doesn’t like too moist places, so planting the berries should be in areas with low groundwater.

The shade of raspberry – not a problem, but with abundant tolerance to sunlight, the shrub will bear better.

Some gardeners are seated culture Kustov method for the garden. The best option would be planting raspberries along the fence.

But in such a way that the Bush was easy to prepare for the winter (wrap or bend to the ground its branches).

The scheme of planting raspberries

Separate raspberry bushes are better planted in pits at a depth of 40 cm Shrub, of several species we recommend planting in the furrow with the same depth and a width of about 60 cm.

The distance between the bushes is determined on the basis of raspberry varieties and ranges of 1.5 – 2.5 m.

The walls of the prepared grooves «are» the «limiters» (iron sheets or slates). Such a precaution will not allow raspberries to grow and «take over» someone else’s territory.

Soil preparation

Land for planting raspberries is prepared in advance — a year before planting the bushes. The soil is well treated and in the fall made organic fertilizer.

But you don’t have to wait a whole year, especially if planting raspberries will be held in the trench. A month before planting berry bushes need to dig up the soil. But before that, in the selected area is completely removed all the weeds.

Then in the aisles is recommended to lay the sheets of linoleum or transformer tape to prevent the further growth of «bad» plants.

Digging a furrow of desired size, fill them with organic matter (humus, manure, compost) 10 centimeters.

On top you can pour the superphosphate and a further layer of vermicompost, and then another layer

landing Malini

fertile land.

But you can use regular ash (wood) floor organic fertilizer.

On this basis, raspberry is better to take root. Especially if its roots are pre-dipped in diluted mullein.

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