Fish breeding in the pond at the cottage

breeding of fish

Among gardeners, is becoming a popular breeding of fish in the pond at the cottage.

For more effective keeping and breeding fish, the pond must first meet the requirements of «living ponds», and then you can pay attention to decorative design.

Pond fish differs significantly from ornamental ponds and places for swimming and relaxing at the cottage.

Before construction of pond at the cottage, you need to decide what type of fish will breed in the area.

Decide where in the winter will move the fish or it will remain in the pond. Only finding out for themselves all these questions, you can determine the place in the pond in the country, its size, vegetation and materials necessary for construction.

In order to fish comfortably wintered depth should be at least 2 meters, but it is necessary to consider the climatic conditions of your region and the unpredictability of the harsh winters.

Also for successful breeding fish in the pond at the cottage, playing the necessary lighting. On the one hand the water in the reservoir should not be subjected to constant overheating from the sun’s rays, on the other hand, the lighting should be enough fish.

You also need to consider the construction, to melt water or after rain is not blended together with the dirt and land in the pond.

Materials for pond use different depending on size, for large concrete, liquid rubber, butyl rubber film, and so on.

For small ponds there are pre-polymer of various shapes designs. On the bottom of stacked natural materials (sand, pebbles), or including ornamental items of decor for a beautiful appearance.

Choosing species of fish is better to give preference to those species that inhabit your region in vivo.

In this case, the chances of success are greatly increased. Fry for breeding it is better to buy fish farms, not in the nearest lake or river to exclude the possibility of inclusion in your pond hazardous microorganisms.

In Russia breed is usually carp, carp, perch, minnow, gudgeon, etc.

The fish in the pond better start to the second season after construction. To start after the arrangement will start the water.

A week after that planted the necessary plants and follow the status of the water body.

To establish the ecological balance will take time, needs to grow plants, and make different organisms needed for food.

breeding of fish in the pond

Even after the launch of the fish should take time to balance back to normal.

Pond in the country should live their lives, feed and vegetation should be enough.

Hunger can lead to eating all vegetation, and overfeeding to the death of the inhabitants of the pond.

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