Fight with Hogweed


First of all, it should be noted that if you have the farm has goats, cows, sheep or goats are not in a hurry to remove it completely from your garden.

Cow parsnip – lovely early green food for recovery and food for animals after hibernation.

You may periodically be given the opportunity to eat the cattle of this weed and to kill two birds with one stone: to get rid of it and restore the power of the animals.

However if living creatures on the farm you have not, then get ready for a long and bitter fight with Hogweed.

For successful results it is necessary to remember that the seeds of this plant can lie several years in the ground without losing germination.

This means that when you think of cow-parsnip over forever, it can grow in the most unexpected place.

In addition, you should take into account the fact that the seeds of Hogweed are very volatile and can be transported over large distances by the wind.

Therefore, removing a weed in your garden, take care of adjoining territory.

Methods of combating Hogweed

The method first. Almost fully Mature bolls of seed be cut together with umbrellas very carefully, not to damage. Put them in a big pile of umbrellas to one side and pour their gasoline or diesel fuel, or other combustible material.

Burn the plants to the stake, far beyond the site. It is important to remember that the liquid secreted by the plant are very poisonous and can damage human skin, so all the work are advised to carry rubber gloves.

Method two. Destroy all germinated sprouts in early spring. For this we recommend to carry out the cultivation, and to provoronili land or to carry out the pruning of the roots

burn Hogweed

at a depth of fifteen centimeters disk.

You can early spring a sharp shovel to cut the roots of the plants, if they have not yet so much, and pull the stems and roots, destroying them by burning in a special pit.

I’m doing a pit outside the area and after the destruction of Hogweed spring watered to prevent a small number of herbicides. Good help!

And then slightly prisypaya soil, so as not to cause harm to animals and birds.

Method third. Clipping buds and flowers. This event also need to wear rubber gloves, so as not to damage the skin.

Better to remove the whole umbrella, so it will be safer. Broken umbrellas is also better to destroy with a flammable liquid.

Method fourth. The herbicides of type a tornado and grownup. Treatment should be during active plant growth before flowering.

If you handle the cow parsnip after seed maturation, the desired effect will not happen. Dose in the treatment of Hogweed should be increased in comparison with the manual three times.

Themselves treatment should be performed at least two times per season. Especially water the new sprouts and shoots.

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