Ficus Benjamin — home care

Ficus benjamina care at home

It is no secret that the flower stands strong-willed.

But the ficus benjamina is very popular.

Caring correctly and on time making preventive methods, ficus will delight by its greenery.

And yet, how to care for ficus benjamina at home?

The choice of location for a ficus Benjamin

Before purchased flower, he needs to choose a place in the room that will be permanent, because «moving» the ficus does not like.

This place should not be too dark, besides it is necessary to exclude the cold and drafts.

Ficus benjamina indoors prefers a temperature of 15 degrees and above, while the room should be excellent ventilation.

The coverage should be maximum, but direct sunlight the plant is contraindicated.

You also need to ensure that the humidity over 50%. In summer and winter ficus benjamina needs to be sprayed.

It would be great to organize the plant warm shower at least once a month. You need to be sure to use a settled water with a temperature of 30-50 degrees Celsius. But first you must close the soil kom film.

After bathing, the ficus tree should dry out and only then can I return it to the place.

Watering ficus Benjamin

Ficus should be watered so that the ground was not too wet or, conversely, does not dry up.

You can check the top layer of soil with your finger, if it dried at 1/5, then it needs to be watered.

The process of watering it is better to divide into several times. The earthen room should be well saturated with moisture, but water should not be in the pan.


Transplanting ficus benjamina do every year, and when the plant is 3 years, this operation is preferably carried out as soon as the root system grows.

If the roots are braided along the edge of the entire pot, the plant can be safely transplanted.

Often do the transplanting in spring, but in summer. To this end, the ficus tree should be well watered and try it in gently removing from the pot along with the ground.

Removing the plant roots need a little shake, and the top layer (1 cm), where the salt to be removed.

Next, in the prepared larger pot is poured drainage on the bottom and a bit of land, and also laterally and slightly compacted, then placed a ficus Benjamin

Ficus benjamina care at home

asleep its soil.

In that case, if the Bush has reached a large size, it allowed him not to replant, but just to change annually the top layer of soil.


Fertilize Benjamin is preferably provided for the ficus drug made twice a month, alternating mineral and organic Supplement.

Do not forget that plants need rest in the winter.

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