Fertilizing tomatoes yeast — recipes

Fertilizing tomatoes yeast

Vegetable crops every cottager is seeking to feed what it more there.

It could be simple ash (wood), and manure (mullein) or chicken manure, infusion of tobacco, nettles, urea, and various fertilizers.

But in recent years, increasingly began to go back to basics, remembering the recipes of grandmothers trying to grow organic vegetables.

And again found use in the beds of culinary product – yeast baking. That they are very responsive tomatoes and other vegetable crops.

Fertilizing seedlings of tomato with yeast

Start feeding tomatoes should be even in greenhouses (plastic cups, which are on the window sills). In other words, fertilize the seedlings with yeast.

The first feeding should be at the time of budding. This will help to strengthen the young shoots and make them more resistant to disease.

Particularly Excel in the preparation of the irrigation solution is not necessary. In the bucket of water diluted with 10 g of yeast, well mixed and immediately fed the seedling of tomato (not abundant enough 1 glass under every Bush).

The water should be warm enough. The temperature of the solution depends on how active are the micro-organisms that live in yeast.


Fertilizing tomatoes yeasts in open ground

Feed the tomatoes with the yeast immediately after planting seedlings in open ground should not let the culture acklimatiseras in a new place. But a week after this – please. And continue to use the yeast feeding roots.

But the composition of the adult tomato is already improved, with the addition of other ingredients. Preparing the first starter:

• in a bucket of water diluted with 100 g of yeast• add 5 tbsp of sugar• does the hood from chicken manure – enough half liter cans• wood ash is introduced – pint

The resulting concentrate should be further diluted with water ratio 1:10 and feed the tomatoes with the yeast at the rate of 2 l under every Bush.

But as part of the chicken droppings, then pour the fertilizer directly below the root impossible. Best to use rainwater watering using garden watering can.

Old-fashioned recipe for yeast-feeding of tomatoes


Fertilizing tomatoes yeast

Ways of cooking yeast fertilizer there are many. Here is another recipe that I use to this day in the villages.

Small stick (100 g) of yeast is diluted with a small amount of warm water. Then this starter culture was poured into 3-liter bottle with water and add 3 tsp of sugar.

Capacity cover with gauze and leave for a few days to ferment. When the yeast feeding wins every Cup diluted in a bucket of water and this solution poured over the tomatoes.


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