Fertilizing strawberries in autumn

Fertilizing strawberries in autumn

The birds fed throughout the season.

And if at the beginning of the fertilizers are made in order to obtain a good harvest, here’s an autumn fertilizing strawberries is aimed at strengthening the depleted forces of culture.

Fertilizing strawberries in the autumn – types of fertilizers

Strawberries (also known as the strawberries), you can feed the whole complex of fertilizers, and use organic matter, and chemicals.

  • With «mineral water» it is recommended to choose NPKthat is related in composition to the compound fertilizers (in this case triple action).
  • Wood ash – is a universal fertilizer, which in its origin is close to organic fertilization, and the structure of «a bunch» all the necessary plant elements.
  • Organic fertilizers (manure, bird droppings, mullein) is the most clean environmental drugs that provide an effective food culture.


How to make fertilizer for the strawberries

It must be said that the autumn fertilizing strawberries is the last month of summer when the berry crop ceases to produce.

From what fertilizer to apply depends on the method of soil application.

  • Fertilizers are made for the strawberries and liquid form and dry. The concentrate is diluted according to the instructions on the package and carefully put it in the root system during watering (taking care not to burn the leaves). Dry the drug is spread around the hive and with a little loosening bury in the ground.

You can combine both methods: irrigation will provide quick access to feeding to the roots of strawberry, dry but has a long duration.

  • Wood ash is used in dry form, scattering not only under Bush – to «powder» and leaves), and spreading water is based on a bucket of liquid glass ash.
  • Bird droppings are full of nitrogen «to the eyeballs.» So use it only in diluted form in a ratio of 1:10, because the concentrated organics can burn strawberries. If fresh manure, and not purchased, then it is diluted in different proportions: one-third of the bucket of manure, the rest – water. Insist 2 days and then watered the beds between the bushes.
  • Slurry prepared according to the same principle as bird droppings. But here are 8 l of water add 1 l of fresh manure. After the solution stand (2 days), they fertilize the bushes of strawberries (without being hit on Fertilizing strawberries in autumn

    of leaves).

  • Mullein (dry cows) can be covered in the fall aisle of strawberries. But you can prepare and irrigation part, acting the same way as in the case of bird droppings.


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