Fertilizing strawberries during flowering

Fertilizing strawberries during flowering

It is hard to imagine the man who calmly looked to be on the strawberries.

Because it is the first berry she pleases excellent taste and plenty of nutrients.

We can say that a good harvest will be the case, if properly care for strawberries.

In particular essential fertilizing strawberries during flowering.

Have a remarkable effect of foliar application of. As soon as the bushes produced a lot of flowers, are encouraged to perform spraying the composition on the basis of sulphate of zinc.

This spraying enriches the plant with the necessary minerals and helps to gain strength. But this will be the key to a good harvest, and the berries will be large. You can spend feeding boric acid. So 10 liters should pinch.

Fertilizing strawberries during flowering can be carried out and finished drugs. This approach will help to increase the yield by 30 %. No less effective is the following composition: 2 grams. of potassium permanganate and of potassium sulphate, 1 gr. boric acid and complex fertilizer.

All substances are diluted in a bucket of water and carry out spraying, but it is important to remove the internal leaf surface, because it may absorb a greater amount of fertilizer.

Recently some gardeners have begun to use yeast to feed strawberries. This fertilizer is multi-functional and can be used for many plants. So, to do this, take 1 kg of yeast and stir in half a bucket of water, it is better slightly warm. Then leave to infuse.

Next, the prepared solution is diluted rate of half a litre of the composition in a bucket of water. On a Bush of strawberries is enough of a pint of yeast feeding. You can use both wet and dry yeast.

But in the latter case, take one packet of yeast, add 20 gr. sugar and diluted in the same amount of water. The solution is left for a few hours for fermentation. Next, pour the strawberry solution, half a liter for 10 liter watering can.

It is worth saying that the dressing of strawberry during flowering is executed at most once and only one solution. Organic fertilizer is the guarantee of quality and most importantly are harmless to the health of the crop, because the berries don’t get «chemistry».

The fertilizer is produced in pre-watered soil. This is best done after rain. During normal feeding of strawberries, it is important to make sure that the water does not get into the surface of the leaves.

You can also use mullein. One glass diluted in 5 litres of Water. Responds well strawberry and nettle infusion. The herb bucket is filled with water and allowed to stand for three days.

After this you can water the plants without diluting it. For the best development of the soil around the bushes of strawberries sprinkled with ashes.

Many gardeners use to feed strawberry urea. In a bucket of water requires 10 grams. pellets, mixed well and poured at the root. And well-proven whey and kefir.

Fertilizing strawberries during flowering

Because dairy products contain a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium, they are able to acidify the soil. This food will destroy aphids and mites.

You can prepare this dressing: rye or wheat bread dried and soaked in water until signs of fermentation. The entire process takes place within 6-10 days.

The solution was then filtered, or drained and diluted in water 1:10. For feeding a single Bush of strawberries quite half a liter of the solution.

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