Fertilizing seedlings with yeast

Fertilizing seedlings with yeast

Yeast is a substance present in numerous products. It is hard to imagine the modern food industry without yeast.

But lately fertilizing seedlings with yeast is no exception.

The secret to successful application is the presence of unicellular fungal bacteria, which differ in the activity to vegetative growth.

But the process of reproduction was more intense, you need to add glucose.

In yeast, the list of chemicals is large enough is nitric components, many amino acids, potassium, glycogen, phosphoric acid.

The effects of yeast on the seedlings

Experiments have shown that the use of yeast as fertilizer promotes rapid growth of young seedlings, particularly seedling, better fruiting and disease resistance.

The plant becomes more hardy, vegetative mass increases for a short time, the root system becomes much more powerful. Plant immunity is increased, and the fruit is saturated with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Fertilizing seedlings with yeast

Some gardeners first time I hear about such dressing and for others it was a natural process. Use both dry and fresh yeast. You can dilute the clear solution, but rather to add chicken manure, grass clippings or leaves. In a word, it is desirable to add organic matter.

If the plot hops, it is recommended to add as «leaven». Chopped leaves or stems will contribute to a better fermentation and more emissions of nitrogen substances.

Recipes yeast feeding

First you need to make a solution. For this you may use a number of ways:

  • No less effective is this solution. 70-gallon barrel and poured the chopped grass, add half a kilo of black bread, the same amount of yeast and pour not hot water. The whole mixture is a couple of days. Use without dilution with water for watering plants;
  • Can 100-gram package of yeast to dissolve in a bucket of water and insist night;
  • Take 200 gr. fresh yeast, diluted in a liter of water, but warm. The fluid is left for 3-4 hours. But, before you water the seedlings, prepared the composition is diluted in a 10-liter water containers;
  • Or in a bucket of liquid to add 10 gr. dry yeast, 4 tsp sugar. Solution insist about 3 hours and diluted 1:5;
  • 4 tsp and 2 tbsp sugar, 2 oz. ascorbic KIS-you pour warm water in an amount of 5 liters. The mixture is fermented a day, before use dilute 1 liter of liquid in a bucket of water.

It should say that fertilizing seedlings with yeast any plants occurs only when the soil warmed up. Because the yeast normally «worked» need heat. In a cold soil, the fermentation process is stopped.

But with the introduction of yeast in soil, be aware that the fermentation process from the soil is absorbed by large amount of potassium substances, as a consequence, the lack of it will have to compensate for the introduction of wood ash.

Yeast liquid can be poured, not only the seedlings, but all flower beds, trees, shrubs. For each plant enough of one liter.

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