Fertilizing raspberries

fertilizing raspberries

One of the items in the care of bushes is fertilizing raspberries.

To make fertilizer regularly, in a certain period.

And not hope that the plant looks healthy without extra power.

In one place, as a rule, shrub live a quarter of a century, but gives good yields for a maximum of 12 years. During this time, of course, mineral reserves depleted soils.

And if they are not replenished artificially, the ability to harvest the berry runs out even earlier. Malin to raise the necessary crops and organic fertilization, and mineral.

Their introduction into the soil should be carried out in a specific pattern. And you need to try to «dietary supplements» has reached the root system, which is located at a depth of about 20 cm.

Fertilizing raspberries

Organic fertilizers (compost, humus, manure) are included under the raspberry bushes after 2 years on the third. Mineral supplements are added to the soil the year after application of the slurry.

The first fertilizing is carried out directly at the time of planting raspberries in the ground. On the bottom of the pit (trench) laid out a layer of humus (or other organic fertilizer), superphosphate (or ash), bio-fertilizer (or similar component).

Organic fertilizer

As planting of raspberries is in the fall, a fertilizer should be undertaken after 2 years in spring (in may).

To do this, diluted in a bucket of water 2 cups of manure (mullein). The required flow rate of the nutrient means calculated from the following conditions: 1 m of a shrub half a bucket of diluted mullein.

If, in spite of made the Supplement, the bushes look weak, it is possible to conduct additional fertilizing raspberries. Use the same mullein in the ratio of 1:5, or taking bird droppings 1:12. For every 5 bushes of raspberries consumed a bucket of solution.

Mineral fertilizers

«Soda» is introduced into the soil under the raspberry bushes during fruiting in two stages: in mid-July and at the turn of August-September.

For the first feeding of raspberries, it is recommended to use fertilizer «Ideal» (2 tbsp in a bucket of water) with the addition of a solution of nitrophoska (2 tbsp). 10 liters of the composition should be sufficient for 1.5 m raspberry bushes.

For the second mineral supplements used calcium sulphate (2 tbsp in a bucket of water) and pour the raspberry patch in the same pattern.

Fertilizing raspberries tips for beginners

Using for feeding the roots of plants of nitrogen-containing fertilizers should not get too carried away, excess can make the soil perekalennoe that this culture is not acceptable.

To mitigate the effect of nitrogen, you can use wood ash, which annually must be paid under every Bush.

Potassium fertilizers, which are composed of chlorine, used for feeding

fertilizing raspberries

the raspberry patch is not necessary. This will cause serious disease – chlorosis of the Bush.

A good result for yield gives the mulching of the shrub. You can use the same manure (raspberry it is very responsive).

Half a ton of organic matter is enough to weave a garden plot with berry bushes.

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