Fertilizing raspberries in the fall

Fertilizing raspberries in the fall

With the onset of autumn in the raspberry patch in the first place, to engage in the soil and feed the plants.

Straw or other mulch, lay all summer in raspberries, it is necessary to rake and burn or send to the compost, because with the onset of winter it can settle a variety of pests and mice.

After this the soil must be dug, but we must remember that the roots of the raspberry near the top, so you can not dig deeper than 15-20 cm between rows and within rows can only loosen the soil to a depth that does not exceed 8 – 10 cm.

In parallel with these works, autumn raspberries should be fed. For this purpose you can use:

1. Manure – make it in the fall before digging the raspberry patch is based from 4 to 6 kg per square meter. If dressing raspberry not hold rotted manure, it will serve as a good insulation for the roots mingled with the soil when digging. Over the winter it will decompose well and will be a perfect breeding ground for raspberries.

2. Droppings of birds – is one of the best fertilizers for plants. Especially chicken. With the onset of autumn it is necessary to distribute among the raspberry bushes in the liquid state.

3. Compost – it is possible to use instead of manure. Excellent dressing raspberry in the fall. It is formed from decomposed leaves, peat, bird droppings, weeds and other organic substances.

4. Peat – it is permissible to make the raspberry bushes at any time. It is not so much saturates the ground nutrients, such as compost, but changes for the better the soil structure and promotes good fruiting.

5. Organic or mineral compounds – as a rule, they are used once in 2 years. Mineral fertilizer with organic alternate every other year.

Before the winter, as a rule, bring the potassium salt and superphosphate in an amount of about 50 g in each Bush. To do this, at a distance of about 30 centimeters from the trunk of raspberry make the groove depth of 20 cm.

The use of nitrogen fertilizers in the fall as they promote the active development of the plant and hinder the normal preparations for the winter period.

If autumn feeding have been performed correctly, in spring the number of flower buds increase, and

Fertilizing raspberries in the fall

so, the harvest will be more.

6. Green manures are plants that are sown in the aisles back in the summer (mustard, Lupin, vicious), and in October their growth sarahlay in the ground.

During the winter all the rot, and the soil is saturated with a large amount of nutrients.

This technique is used when you can not fertilize raspberries in the fall.

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