Fertilizing pepper seedlings

Fertilizing pepper seedlings

Every plant needs fertilizer, and at seedling stage especially.

Young shoots do not yet have enough strength to complete self-growth, and therefore require fertilizing pepper seedlings.

The lack of useful components in the soil will lead to the depletion of plants and the possible development of various diseases.

To avoid this, you need to know when and what to feed seedlings.

When to fertilize peppers

So the first time the pepper seedlings should be fertilized after the appearance of the main two or three leaves. Their prokleivanija suggests that the root system is fine and has the strength in order to develop good fruit.

What to feed peppers

The most balanced fertilizing is such a composition: in a bucket dissolve 4 tbsp. l. superphosphate fertilizer, 2.5 tsp of ammonium nitrate and urea, 3,5 tbsp. l. potassium sulfate. All of this insist day.

Fertilizing seedlings of pepper is produced only after the plants sprayed with water and the soil well watered.

For each seedling is about 100 ml then you need again to shed water, but in small quantity. This approach will help to wash off accidentally leaves a drop of fertilizer.

Also you can prepare a solution based on the poultry litter or manure. Liquid manure is diluted 1:5 manure 1:10.

No less effective is the application of various micronutrients. For example, you can dissolve 2 gr. boric acid in 10 liters of water or 1 tbsp. of ash and sulphate of copper 2 oz. in the same amount of water. Zinc sulfate 1.5 g. also in a bucket of water.

Another good fertilizer is the infusion of nettle with the addition of ash. This food will make young shoots are stronger and will help in the future good fruit.

Take nettle infusion of 1 l, add 1-1,5 tbsp. of ash and diluted in a bucket. The entire mixture is mixed well and watered the seedlings.

But it is important that when mixing the ash is uniformly distributed throughout the liquid. After fertilizing hoeing plants.

Fertilizing pepper seedlings will be less effective with the addition of residues to brew black tea. For producing fertilizer take one Cup of weak tea and pour three liters of water.

Liquid insist about a week and watered the seedlings. We must not forget that to fertilize pepper, and other plants only in the morning. This approach will be protection from the occurrence of putrefactive entities, as well as other diseases.

Also the seedlings in the early stages it is recommended to fertilize with drugs that you can buy in special shops. Gardeners-gardeners have successfully used the «Kemira-Suite.» This drug is mixed in 10 liter water capacity in the amount of 30 grams.

You can also make a mixture of superphosphate, 15 g., oxamide 30 gr. All this diluted with water in a volume of 10 liters. The last feeding is best done after the pick. This will strengthen the seedlings.

Fertilizing pepper seedlings

And at the stage of picking is to use the «Kristalon» 20 gr. means diluted in a bucket of water and poured under a Bush seedlings.

Mineral mixture prepared as follows: 30 gr. potash and 80 gr. superphosphate was diluted in the bucket. As for fertilization, they fertilize the soil before planting seedlings in the ground.

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