Fertilizing grapes in the spring

Fertilizing grapes in the spring

Those who grow the grapes, you know, how culture demanding on the choice of location in the country for its development.

Even if the soil is fertile, loose and well ventilated, without feeding not enough.

Fertilizers are applied immediately after planting the vines using compost in combination with mineral water, or rotted manure.

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Part of the mix laid at the roots of that in the near future gives the Bush a good nutritional environment.

Then sprinkle the roots with earth and add a second portion of the fertilizer – such a «cushion» creates a comfortable environment for rooting.

But care must be taken about the future harvest, periodically making under the plant nutrient substance.

Feature feed the grapes

Caring for grapes is somewhat different from other farming of horticultural crops. As for fertilizers, their selection depends on the phase of vegetation.

In other words, for each season required its nutrients.

Iron, sulfur, magnesium and calcium, essential for development, the grapes gets sufficiently from the ground, but the other necessary elements of the periodic table will have to be the gardener.

  • Fertilizing grapes, spring begins in the first stage of vegetation when it is necessary to increase green mass. For the development of shoots are important nitrogen present in ammonium nitrate and urea.
  • Before flowering in the ground introduced phosphorus (superphosphate). In the future, better will be budding and tying berries.
  • Spring fed culture with boron, which stimulates the germination of pollen. In the future, this element affects the high yield.

In the further development of the vines are already part of other fertilizers, the purpose of which in summer contribute to the juiciness of the berries (zinc and potassium) in the fall to provide frost resistance of shoots (same potassium and copper).

Organic matter to feed the grapes

To eat the grapes must not only mineral fertilizers, but also organic – it helps the plant absorb the chemical elements.

Natural feeding of grapes is in the spring of the following compositions:

  • Compost is the main representative of organic fertilizers, as very rich in mineral elements. It is composed of decomposed food waste, sawdust, wood ash, grass cuttings, foliage of vegetable crops, manure, and bird droppings.
  • Droppings of birds and is itself an excellent fertilizer. It is well absorbed by the culture in spring, so only use in a fresh kind it is impossible – it is necessary to give to stand, previously diluted with water.
  • Wood ash would be a good substitute for potassium and phosphorus. For feeding in the spring more suited to a burned out husk of sunflower.

Combine together organic and mineral fertilizers or their alternate. Experienced gardeners the first spring food culture prefer to do with liquid manure, using 1 kg of solution per 1 sq. m. vineyard.

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Ways spring fertilizing

To Bush receives full nourishment, it needs to perform properly. As soon as the ground warms up a bit after the snow melt, from the trunk depart on a two-foot perimeter of the circle dig the groove to a depth of 0.4 m. This is due to the development of the root system.

The first dressing of the vines in the spring incorporated in the soil before the erection of the bushes. To do this, use manure muck or take (based on 1 hive) ammonium nitrate (10 g), superphosphate (20 g) and potassium salt (5 g).

Them dissolve in a bucket of water and watered the plant using the excavated grooves. After 2-3 weeks (until flowering starts) the procedure is repeated.

Carried out in spring and foliar feeding through the leaves. Spreading the necessary composition of the fertilizer mixture sprayed vines until after flowering, to prevent shedding of the color.

The second time it should be done immediately after flowering for best ovaries.

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For foliar feeding grapes you can buy in a flower shop special solutions with micronutrients. But you can apply and mix different herbs with wood ashes, infused with the water.

Fertilizing grapes in the spring

And the fertilizer is better absorbed by the leaves, in infusion, it is recommended to add sugar (3 tablespoons in a bucket of water).

Showing diligence in the cultivation of the vine, paying maximum attention to its nutrition, in the future we can confidently expect good yields of delicious juicy grapes.

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