Fertilizing grapes in autumn

Fertilizing grapes in autumn

Grapes is one of the lianopodibnym plants that can grow in all soils.

But in order for this culture has not degenerated into a wild vine, grow it in enriched soil.

The only way to get a big crop of sweet juicy berries.

Therefore, feed grapes should not only during the growing season, you need to fertilize it and in the fall, before the winter hibernation.

And this should be done after harvest for some varieties this will be the middle of September, October or even the first half of November.

Fertilizing grapes in the autumn – types of fertilizers

To restore the exhausted strength of the shrub will help not only mineral fertilizer – we will be making and organic food, because every kind of feeding brings something different.

  • Among the mineral fertilizers of grapes in the autumn it is recommended to opt for simple warehouses (superphosphate, potassium salt, etc.) and multicomponent (type nitrophoska) and complex (Florovit, for example). It is particularly important that in the autumn feeding of grapes contains potassium and copper, which «prepare» the plant for the winter.


  • Organic fertilizer – it is familiar-the traditional food of any horticultural crops. I use it and during crop cultivation and after harvesting. If it is not possible to buy bird droppings or mullein (not everyone on the site there is a cattle yard), then to stock up on humus and everyone can have an experienced green thumb compost heap to fall always on the alert.


  • Wood ash is rich in its chemical composition. But for vines particularly useful are the products of combustion of sunflower husk.

The best option autumn feeding grapes fertilizer «mix» — a mixture of organics and water in combination with fly ash powder.

The method of feeding of the grapesthe Best way to give the plant extra fertilizer is the root bait. So around the trunk dug up the ground, maintaining a circle with a radius of half a meter.

Circumference at a shallow depth (30-40 cm) rip a groove in it and should be prepared fertilizer (irrigation way). For the area of a circle you can sprinkle dry means or decomposed cow dung.

But to fertilize the grapes in autumn every year necessary only if the soil on your site sandy. In sandy loam soil fertilizing culture is at least – 1 every 2 years, with other types of soil every 3 years.

Foliar nutrition of grapes

Fertilizing grapes in autumn

If autumn weather for the period of fertilizer of grapes is warm enough, you can feed the plant even with the help of spraying the leaves with a special multicostatum that does not contain nitrogen compounds.

This will strengthen the vine and increase its immunity.

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