Fertilizing fruit trees in the fall

Fertilizing fruit trees in the fall

The trees in the garden – elements stationary, that is for many years grow on one place.

And what would be the fertile land was, over time it is depleted.

Therefore, the key to a good growth of young seedlings of fruit trees and a large crop becomes recharge.

Species of feeding fruit trees

There is a universal fertilizer, which is applied to land regardless of the growth phases and seasons.

But the majority of feedings, all the same, it is desirable to use in certain periods.

  • Fertilizers help crops to grow actively (nitrogen), butanedioate and bloom (phosphorous), have a healthy structure (potash).


  • Organic fertilizers (manure, peat, sod, compost, etc) also contain in its composition of mineral elements, but in lower concentrations. This food contributes to plant photosynthesis, development in the soil of beneficial bacteria. It also helps roots better absorb moisture and the chemical elements of mineral fertilizers.


  • The green manure in its effects equate to the manure, they help to restore soil structure.


  • Bacterial fertilizers are nitrogen fixers in the soil, «employed» from the atmosphere. In its effectiveness of these better feeding chemical.

 What kind of fertilizing trees best to use in the fall

The last feeding of the season came during the second half of August – end of September (after harvest of the main crop). You should use fertilizer and what – not? Some of them affect the physiological characteristics of trees.

And, therefore, drugs with a high nitrogen content it is better to postpone until spring. The exception is the cyanamide of calcium in the first stage, it forms toxic compounds.

Therefore, it is applied to the soil in the fall to over winter, toxins weathered.

Potassium fertilizers applied at any time, like in spring, summer and autumn.

Phosphate fertilizers are also used during the whole active period of the plants. But included in the soil in the fall is the key to a lush flowering, since phosphoric drugs need time to «turn on» their ability.

Organics also use from spring to autumn. And that made the fertilizer for the winter better than enriches the soil. Sawdust, manure, peat as a top dressing of fruit trees are a great way to protect trees from cold weather if you use organic matter as mulch in the root zone.

Green manure is plants like legumes, buckwheat, nettle, etc., that are planted in the summer between the fruit trees. In the autumn when digging them plowed into the ground, thus enriching the soil.

How to make fertilizer in the fall

For fall fertilizing of fruit trees it is recommended to use dry method (to scatter on the ground or lay into it when digging), or wet (when watering plants).

The method of spraying in this period is better to exclude.

It is advisable to settle on a single type of fertilizer, combining the organic with the mineral water. But the choice of the place where it should be, the food is almost a science.

Novice gardeners put fertilizer closer to the trunk of fruit trees, forgetting about the features of the root system to grow (and it is through the roots of plants feed on).

Therefore, in the autumn digging the earth around a tree the diameter of a circle choose slightly larger than the diameter of the crown. The perimeter of this area make the groove – here it is necessary to lay a large mass of fertilizer.

Thus you stimulate active root growth in the direction of large concentrations of nutritional elements.

It is possible for the edge to add more mineral supplements, on another site (until the brain stem) it is better to decompose organic matter.

Peregrina under the snow, it will release heat, providing comfortable conditions for wintering of trees.


Fertilizing fruit trees in the fall

Autumn fertilizing fruit excluded from the seedlings of same age, because before landing in the ditch had already been submitted sufficient amount of fertilizer.

The excess may also be the cause of the tree disease. And in the winter, this means for the culture of death.

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