Fertilizing cucumbers yeast — recipes

Fertilizing cucumbers yeast

Probably all seen how the dough rises, mix in the yeast.

Culprits of this growth are bacteria from a number of those used in medicine.

Therefore, experienced gardeners have long paid attention to this product, «pulling» it into their gardening chores.

Yeast feeding cucumbers

Baker’s yeast is a good growth stimulant. In addition they also possess antimicrobial properties.

But the biggest advantage is the environmental friendliness of yeast. Therefore, such organic matter should pay attention to all.

The benefits of yeast will not only on the suburban garden is to fertilize them and plants. And now as the cucumbers I love this dressing!

Fertilizing cucumbers yeast start with seedlings, it promotes better rooting, and Mature plants become more strong and healthy.

Fruits of the same, fed it fertilizer, rapidly gaining in weight and not absorb harmful nitrates, as is the case with chemical fertilizing.

Fertilize cucumbers yeast

For fertilizing cucumbers often use yeast is not necessary – enough 2 times.

First, fertilize transplanted to a permanent bed of seedlings. But paid in advance by the nitrogen fertilizer, and after 7-10 days the yeast cocktail.

The second time fertilizing cucumbers yeast is carried out in the period of fruit formation. But this supply must be preceded by (week) of phosphate fertilizer if the garden bed in the fall they were not enriched.

Yeast dressing — recipes

Options how to make yeast dressing for cucumbers, gardeners can offer a lot of clean wort and with various additives. But newcomers is enough to choose a more appropriate recipe.

A pack of dry yeast (200 g) is mixed in a liter of warm water and let stand. Immediately prior to feeding cucumbers to dissolve the yeast in the bucket of water. Under every Bush, it is sufficient to pour 0.5 liters of nutrient mass.

1 tbsp of dry yeast stirred into a bucket of warm water, add 2 tbsp sugar and allowed to stand for about 3 hours. The mixture was then poured equally into 2 buckets, complete with water and watering of cucumber beds.

The previous recipe can be supplemented with ascorbic acid (2 g) and common ground (a handful of men). The solution is infused daily. When watering 4 cups Braga added to a bucket of water.

One stick of baking yeast (100 g) pour hot water (10 l), to insist night.

For those who have a large plot with cucumbers, raisonnee will be to mix the yeast

Fertilizing cucumbers yeast

feeding «big»- in a wooden barrel (e.g., 7 buckets).

On the bottom of the tank lay torn fresh herb (any). Enough 1 bucket.

There also crumble a pound of bakers yeast (fresh) crackers and half a loaf of bread.

The barrel is filled with water to the brim. You need to insist about 2 hours.

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