Fertilizing ash tomato, cucumber, pepper

fertilizing tomato ash

This valuable fertilizer as ash, unfortunately, do not use all the growers.

But it is a real mine of useful plants, minerals and substances.

In particular in the ashes of the huge levels of potassium. In addition, it is a great source of phosphorus. Also contains zinc, magnesium, calcium.

And since ash is no chlorine, it can safely be used as top dressing for plants, negatively reacting to the chlorine. But for some plants it is better to use ash?

Judging from the title of the article shows that the ash fertilizer helps grow tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Although it is possible to fertilize other plants.

Ash fertilizing tomatoes

So, tomatoes. Fertilize them in two passes. The first time ash used for two weeks before seedlings will be planted in the ground. On one hole need 1 tbsp. of ash. It is desirable that the soil temperature was at least +15°C.

The second time ash contribute to the growth process of plants. In this case, ash rastrelivat on the soil surface around the trunk. It is better to perform this procedure before watering, and then you need to perform tillage.

Practice has shown that fertilizing with ash significantly improves the taste of tomatoes increases the amount of juice and sugar. In particular, sugar is produced due to high content of potassium in the ash.

Fertilizing ash pepper

In early spring, during the digging, it is recommended to make one square three cups of ash. All this should be well stirred.

Further, when the pepper starts to bloom, of ash, make the infusion: in a 10 l capacity will need 150 gr. ash. This solution in the amount of half-liter pour 1 sq. m. landings. Pour this composition to the wet ground. The same process is carried out during fruiting.

Fertilizing ash cucumber

This vegetable belongs to the culture of cotton aphid, therefore it requires feeding the ashes to an even greater extent. Due to this scourge and ovaries will be formed better.

The ash content in calcium and potassium have a positive effect on water retention in the cells. Also, the ash balances the amount of sodium and water balance.

Fertilize cucumbers easy. First time fertilizing ash is performed at the stage of formation of plants, that is, at a time when starting to show true leaves.

Next time make the ash when the cucumber begins to bloom, a third at the time of fruiting. Enough to pour coal on a bed before watering, during which all the necessary substances get into the soil.

No less spectacular is the infusion on the basis of ash. 3 tablespoons diluted in a liter of water and after about half a month ready infusion can be used. But one plant should take about half a liter of the solution. After that, the cucumbers need to be watered.

fertilizing ash cucumber

Feed the cucumbers in the greenhouse and in the garden. But in the first case it is allowed to apply a small dose, because ash is a natural fertilizer and can harm the plants.

In conclusion, we should say that in any case are not allowed to consume the ashes of painted wood. And it must be stored in a dry place. Otherwise moisture can adversely affect the potassium content.

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