Fertilizing Apple trees in the spring

The most common fruit crop garden plots, perhaps, is Apple.

What would be good soil the tree grew, eventually he will need nutritional feeding.

Some fertilizer is carried out in the spring, with the beginning of the growing season.

Spring fertilizer

 Fertilizing Apple trees in the spring (and other season) is held in the third year of the life of the plant. At first, the development of the trees it will be enough of those fertilisers that have been made in the hole when planting.

Selection of the nutrient substrates is based on the composition of the soil. So, black does not particularly require additional fertilizer, and on clay lands need organic.

With this purpose, planted between trees and cover crops (buckwheat and mustard), which is cut before flowering, laying while loosening the soil.

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Such biomimetics for Apple trees is quite enough in the first years of life. Spreading what will become the branches of the trees, the more shade under them, the worse develop green manure.

Starting from this moment you will have to pay attention to other ways of nutrition of fruit crops.

The basic spring top-dressing of young plants payable under the tree, when every color. As mineral water take nitrogen fertilizers, organic – poultry manure or manure slurry.


Rules for applying fertilizers

Fertilizing Apple trees in the spring is conducted according to certain rules, which should be respected. In may of rings around the trunk dig 2 grooves: one at a distance of 1 m from the trunk, the second – in 0.5 m from the first. The depth of the grooves should be approximately 20 cm.

The wells paid or organic or a mineral water.

  • Nitrogen fertilizer can be used in dry form or diluted with water (as directed on the package).
  • The slurry is diluted with water at the rate of 1:3.
  • For dilution of the poultry manure of water will need 15 times more than raw materials.

For trees that have long fruit, fertilizing in the spring begin early in April. Around the trunk pour 2-3 buckets of humus or 0.5 kg of urea. The second fertilizing Apple trees in the spring takes place during flowering.

For each tree take 0.2 kg of superphosphate, dissolved in 4 buckets of water, 0.1 kg of urea and 0.15 kg of potassium sulfate.

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Foliar feeding in the spring

In may you can spend and foliar feeding of Apple trees using a liquid solution of fertilizer. Sprayed trees for the first time before the period of flowering.

Then 2 more times in a season you need to spray the plant with a break of 20 days. When this is moistened with a solution of the trunk and skeletal branches.

In a bucket of water, take 2 tbsp. l. urea, but do not use more than 2 buckets on each tree.

Responsive plants and spraying of micronutrients. It is recommended to use complex formulations (such as «Kemira). But you need to pay attention to the structure absent chlorine.

If not at hand will be a complex of minerals, suitable and wood ash, taken from 1 Cup to 2 liters of hot water. As infusion, this solution is poured into a bucket of water.

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Recommendations recharge

Experienced growers the first feeding conduct in the spring, when the buds just begin to swell. But at this time in the morning on the ground may be a thin ice crust.

So raisonnee to start with mineral fertilizers scattered in dry form on the ground.

Before incorporated into the soil following application, it is recommended that the ground around the fruit tree well-watered.

So the power reached its target, after application of the Apple tree should be watered.

Make the soil fresh solutions of organic fertilizers is not recommended – they have to steep for weeks.

If the spring was rainy, the fertilizer can be scattered around a tree in a dry form.

Any foliar feeding of Apple trees is carried out every 15 days. This is not to use highly concentrated solutions so as not to burn the leaves.


Additional nutrition of Apple trees is necessary because for hibernation the tree weakens, and it may not be enough forces for the ovary.

Fertilizing Apple trees in the spring

However, do not overdo it with nitrogen fertilizer. The plant will dramatically go up, it will be good to blossom, but the harvest will yield little. Each fertilizing Apple trees should be in moderation.

Observing all the rules for the care of Apple trees, every year it is possible to obtain good yields. Then the fruit will be missed until next season.

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