Fertilizer from nettles and other ways to use it in the country

Fertilizer from nettles

Experienced gardeners know that nettles are not the enemy, and the other cultivated plants.

So don’t struggle with it, and trying to find a use for nettles in the garden.

The soil on which grow this «weed» is fertile and healthy, because after the decomposition of the stems, leaves and roots of nettle neutral humus is formed, which contains a large number of macro — and microelements necessary for plants.

Fertilizer from nettles for plants

 Fertilizer from nettles is very effective, due to high content of nitrogen, carbon, iron and other trace elements.

Periodically adding nettles to your compost heap, you can greatly improve compost quality.

Nettle infusions

As fertilizer of the stinging nettle is well to prepare the infusions. The plant is harvested in early summer before seed formation.

Chopped nettle half fill the container and fill with water, nadolina approximately 10-12 cm to the edge.

Then close and put away from houses, recreational areas and places of permanent residence of people. During fermentation formed a very unpleasant smell. For the infusion of nettle, you cannot use metal utensils.

At the time of making fertilizer from nettles, the capacity can be put in a greenhouse with cucumbers and tomatoes.

«Fragrant smell» repels pests, however, and not everyone will be able to go there. To reduce smell, some gardeners add to the capacity a little Valerian.

After 12-15 days, when nettle infusion stops bubbling and becoming dark, it can be used.

For the root regular fertilizing crops nettle infusion is filtered and diluted with water 1:20.

For fertilizer under the root of the ratio of water and infusion of 1:10. Fertilizer from nettles revitalizes the soil and activates the development and growth of plants.

Despite the widespread use of nettle in the garden, some crops it is not recommended to fertilize infusion. These include: onions, beans, garlic, peas.

The use of nettles in the country

Also nettles can be used as mulch for some plants to protect against aphids, slugs and snails.

It is seen that vegetable crops which are combined with nettle, are much more stable to diseases.

To combat aphids, too, can make an infusion of nettle. To do this, pour 2 kg of fresh leaves 10 liters of water and insist day.

After straining, you can treat affected plants. To get rid of pests is possible by the action of formic acid contained in nettles.

The use of nettles for spraying of tomatoes will help to avoid activity

fertilizer from nettles

of Phytophthora. One kilogram of nettle insist day in 10 liters of water.

Ash nettle contains more than 30 beneficial minerals, including potassium.

If this «weed» in the country a large number, to prepare the ashes will not be easy.

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