Fertilization of pepper in the suburban area

Fertilizing pepper

All vegetable crops in one way or another have a need for additional power.

It stimulates the active development of plants and contributes to increased productivity.

But to blindly use fertilizers impossible.

You should consider the advantages of culture (especially in the choice of the ground) so as not to damage the plant.

Periods, which is feeding and additional nutrition – each culture has its own.

Fertilizer pepper

Pepper prefers neutral or slightly acidic soils. On a plot with a high content of nitrogen culture that harvests will not give, but the vegetative mass recruit will actively. For this reason, fertilizing pepper not carried drugs containing nitrogen.

But phosphate and potash nutrition for this culture – that is necessary.

— Phosphate fertilizers have little effect on soil properties, but well-fueled culture. Among traditionally used by gardeners to distinguish superphosphate (simple and double), tomaschek, precipitate.

To phosphorus supplements include bone meal, but many people think that fertilizing more organic matter. Some phosphate must not be mixed with ammonium fertilizers and calcium nitrate.

Among the potassium fertilizers more than the recommended for feeding are: potassium sulfate, potassium salt, carnallite, kainit. These drugs are easily dissolved in water. A big effect have potassium supplements that have the additional element magnesium.

Fertilizing pepper using fertilizers containing chlorine (e.g., potassium chloride), should be excluded completely. It is the chemical element to which culture is overly sensitive.

Fertilize peppers with organic matter should be cautious. Fresh manure is to be paid on the beds with the culture can not be – it will dramatically reduce the yield. It is better to use the supernatant of fermented poultry manure.

Scheme to make additional power

Fertilizing pepper is carried out in 3 stages:

  • Since transplanting to deduct 2 weeks and make the beds first feeding.


  • The second application of fertilizer should occur in the period of active fruiting. Fertilizing pepper


  • After 2 decades entered another dose of potassium and phosphate supplements.

In addition, added another bed for the peppers, pre-fertilizer in the fall.

It is recommended to use phosphate fertilizer (1 sq m to 80 g.) or potassium sulfate (1 m to 15 m).

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