Ferocactus — care at home


Ferocactus is a genus of ornamental plants belongs to the family Cactaceae. It grows in desert and arid areas of California, Mexico, and South America.

The genus includes 37 species of plants which differ in shape and size. Meet rounded and cylindrical Ferocactus, as well as elongated, spherical, with a single stem with numerous branches.

Bright spines adorn Ferocactus, have a variety of form and color.

Bloom only adult plants. The flower is beautiful, large and can be pink, purple or cream color.

Ferocactus — care tips

 Location and lighting

Ferocactus likes high temperature, so the best place for it would be the South window. In summer, plants can be taken outside or on the balcony, protecting in windy and rainy weather.

The plant needs plenty of sunlight. In the summer, hot days, the plant should be pritenyat. In the indoor environment develops very slowly but does not cause much trouble to his master.


The best option is the maintenance of plants in a specially designed greenhouse where the air temperature is not less than +35°C. under these conditions, Ferocactus reach large sizes and bloom profusely.

At room conditions, Ferocactus required temperature of at least +20°C in summer. In winter, the plant withstands temperatures as low as even to 8°C.

Watering Ferocactus and humidity

Ferocactus in nature, it grows in arid climate zones, and indoor horticulture plant does not require abundant watering.

The flower will easily survive the drought. Frequent watering may rot the roots and death of plants.

In spring and summer, during active growth, you must water the Ferocactus water pooled 1 time in ten days. In winter, stop watering completely.

The only exception is for flowering plants, and it is very limited. Ferocactus loves dry air and additional spraying and moistening for him is not required.

Fertilizer Ferocactus

Feeding of Ferocactus in the indoor environment should be done in spring and summer, complex fertilizer for cactus plants 1 time per month.

With the dose of the solution should be halved. Autumn and winter feeding conduct is not necessary. Possible fertilization only under flowering Ferocactus once a month.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant should be carried out only when the capacity is too small for the plant. Transplanting is done in spring in a pot slightly larger than the previous one.

This plant needs neutral or slightly acidic soil, so it is best to buy soil for transplantation in a specialized flower shop.

Ferocactus well propagated by seeds. Spring in a shallow pot, you must pour a mixture of sand and fertile soil and plant the seeds at a shallow depth.

At a temperature of 25-27°C seedlings appear within a month. Individual species can be easily propagated by cuttings, direct planting in the ground.


Pests and diseases of Ferocactus

For Ferocactus are considered the worst enemies of mealybug and scale insects. To combat these pests, apply rubbing the plants with a swab soaked in alcohol.

Positive effect fumigation of the plants with preparations containing copper.

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