Fencing, garden furniture

garden furniture

The fence is the quickest and the easiest way to mark the boundary of your site.

If you need to hide their private lives, bring a deaf fence.

But the role of fencing not only to demarcate — they can be used to hide unsightly objects, separate areas of the garden, to protect against the wind, to act as a support for climbing plants and as a way to keep the kids inside (or outside).

Basic construction materials — wood or concrete for the pillars and wood or metal directly to the fence.

For low hedges there are plastic fences. The fence you choose should be in keeping with the style of your home and garden. The fence around the modern house as inappropriate as the mesh fence around the cottage garden.

Possible inspect poles and panels before you buy, check the following points. Posts should be made of hard wood or soft wood, impregnated under pressure.

Fence panels should be neither bent, not warped, and all the nails and key fasteners shall be stainless steel.

Should be very few knots, and they should not be more than 3 cm in diameter. Required covers on the pillars and visors for shields.

And the last one. Ask for permission to build in local authorities before you build a protective wall or fence that is more than 2 m in height, or 1 m height if the fence is planned to be built near the road.

Conventional lattice fence with no plants can look quite simple. There are more decorative styles such as these wavy panels.

Braided panel

The most popular type of solid panel fencing, made of thin strips of wood interwoven between the vertical ribs. Make sure the strips are tight to each other and firmly attached to the rails.


Durable slats of the fence are rarely more than 1 m in height and is attached to the horizontal joists, or braziliam.

Leave a distance of approximately 8-10 cm between the bars. At the bottom of the fence shall be the distance from the earth of 5-8 cm in order to prevent decay.


Sold in rolls and is a stakes attached to 2 or 3 rows of strong wire stretched between poles with an interval of 2 m.

Not very nice, but it’s cheap, easy to install and creates an effective barrier. Disguise it with shrubs and vines.


Lattice panels made of thin strips of wood (laths) or roughly shaped pegs made of larch wood, located squares or diamonds. They require a durable frame that holds the bars, and are rarely used as fencing of the plot.

Wooden panel

Alternative to popular wicker panels — more expensive, but more durable. The location of the boards can be horizontal or vertical. Make sure that the overlap of the boards in the places of their connections is acceptable (about 2 cm).

Wire fence

Almost all fences are solid structures a wire fence is quite another. A series of small loops of plastic-coated wire forms a low fence for flowerbeds.

Garden furniture

There are two main types of garden furniture — a constant and complex. Persistent objects remain in the garden throughout the summer, although the pillows may have to make room.

In the winter most of these tables and chairs left in the garden, but a light plastic, can be made and stored in the garage or shed.

All built-in furniture, such as sitting on a patio of brick and wood and tree trunks benches, refers to this constant group, of course, like all heavy objects, for example, cast iron chairs.

Where open space is severely limited, or when Seating is needed only for a short period of time, then sophisticated furniture is the obvious choice.

Deck chair — traditional example, but complex metal chairs are currently the best sellers.

The usual plan of arrangement of the garden is to start with the acquisition of a proper family of complex of chairs to use on the patio or the lawn, and then it turns picnic set (table, chairs and parasol as extra items).

In most cases, buy ready-made furniture — complete sets for Assembly of tables and chairs are much less popular, garden furniture, manufactured with his own hands, quite rare.

You no longer need to sit on the loungers for a folding table. Currently is the furniture for all tastes and all pockets, so you can relax into a deep plush armchair with a built-in sunshade, adjustable footrest and removable table with drink holder.

The long dominance of the easy chair and slatted wooden table on the lawn passed. We can now purchase furniture from modern polymeric materials, the degree of comfort and the impression of luxury may surpass wall in the dining room!

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