Fence for flower beds

parkan for klumbi

Every year, with the onset of spring for many millions of people starts gardening life.

Gardeners and gardeners overlook their territory in order to start planting, weeding, cleaning.

And almost every worker field labor is his flower bed, flowerbed.

It is very important to make a fence for flower beds is not only beautiful but also reliable. Let’s start with the fact that there are many materials for fencing.

Can take, for example, a stone – an ordinary river cobbles or large granite and embankment to form the boundaries of the future flower beds.

The large stone you need to build a wall, laying stones in rows on top of each other, with a mandatory offset of neighboring rows.

Thus, there is a sufficient strength of the fence. This option looks very natural, but the downside is lack of strength.

You can also use a brick. To some extent they are more convenient due to the fact that their smooth surface without gaps consists of walls with high strength.

For strengthening, you can use grout. The technique of construction of the fence for flower beds from brick is not difficult.

Dug a groove with a width of two brick faces, half of its depths poured a mortar and begin to lay the bricks.

New series to put it in such a way that the middle brick of the top row were the junction of the lower bricks. Watching the verticality of the wall.

This fence is stronger than timber, granite or river stones. Another option is the usual plastic bottles, which are digged in the ground to half their length.

Pre-fill bottles with sand or other loose material. The only drawback is that it is difficult to pick up a bottle of the same form. A fence suitable for small beds.

For many reasons wood is the best material for fencing. First, the tree can be given a different form.

Second, it eventually begins to rot and thus provides plants with nutrients.

Thirdly, the wooden fence for flower beds looks very neat and lively.

Technique is free. You can enclose a flower garden solid boards, making a perimeter with the least number of sides or short planks, scoring them as wedges.

Well, another option is a plastic fence of various shapes and colors. The range of these fences is huge and even the most picky to the appearance of the gardener will find what they need.

The advantages of plastics – durability, longevity, huge range and, probably, price. Ease of installation is another advantage that dispels doubts.

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